Monday, May 11, 2020


WE EAT THE ENVELOPES OF THE CUBAN COMMANDER'S BANQUET. WE EAT THE ENVELOPES FROM THE COMMANDER'S BANQUET, BEFORE WE GO TO NICARAGUA. When it was all over, the crowd dispersed and the militiamen returned to the Secondary School, hungry and thirsty. After being satisfied they came some buses and all left. We were left with the ambulance driver, a very young white recruit and myself.    The recruit entered the kitchen and called me:    -Come see this!    What I saw filled me with amazement. Dozens of pigs dead, peeled, gutted and about to be cooked. Round cheeses, ham legs hanging on hooks from the ceiling. Things I haven't seen in years.     - We are going to take one of each of these things for our families.     "What about the ambulance driver?"     - Good. Agree.     It seemed that everyone had dropped out of school. So we loaded two piglets for the ambulance, cheese slices, and a whole ham for each one. The driver happy with that wealth that fell from the sky and all with the support of the two of us.     I left the recruit who was looking for a jeep apparently to carry everything that would fit from the provision that Castro had inadvertently put into our position.      The ambulance man took me to my house and we entered through the garage so that no one would snoop our cargo. When the driver left and my wife saw all that loot she said:     Fidel wanted to benefit his faithful clapping seals and does not know that he gave us a gift, albeit stolen, from some who did not agree with his chatter. DR ORLANDO VICENTE ALVAREZ URUGUAYAN CUBAN GENIUS ------------------------- more in Posted by Orlando Vicente Alvarez at 6:31 PM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Labels: #, #cerdos, #fidel castro, #focas, # jamón, #military applauding, #moncada, #cheese, #basic high school, #willy Hodge

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