Tuesday, January 29, 2019

MADURO: the russian Guarddaves and Infiltrated cuban military.


  It seems that the auto proclaimed "President of Venezuela" has hired hundreds of Russians-ex-soldiers of the glorious Soviet army, former members of the KGB and other adventure hustlers, who for hundreds of thousands of dollars a day have to take care of the president up to a spine on the stem of a flower that can dig into hisr skin.

  I think Maduro already feels "ripe" like a fruit or rotten about to fall to the ground. But these modern tiranazuelos currently never fall "down" Before, they take out of their bank accounts-God knows what bank-and when the end is inevitable, they take their private plane with all the gold and bills that have swiped the people and they live in a country as totalitarian as theirs: be it Cuba, North Korea or Iran.

  And there to enjoy the good life that denied it to their own people. And to the Russian mercenaries: take the money and you never saw me.But not only Russian mercenaries have hired. For years it has thousands of Cuban military members of the Ministry of the Interior or the Armed Forces very well camouflaged far from the people but near Maduro and his henchmen.

   They advise the Venezuelan military and teach tactics on how to repress the people. And no longer for the so-called "Proletarian Internationalism". Now it is for a payment in dollars or for economic interests that even Cuba aspires to exploit in Venezuela. The same as they used to accuse the northern empire. USA knows this very well, but it seems that Cuba is taking them out little by little because the regime is watering everywhere and does not want to antagonize other countries and the investments that will reach Cuba.

   Another utopia that Diaz-Canel gives us to see if the Cuban people tighten their belts - there are no holes left to take the belt to the limit - and wait and wait for an opening that will never take place while Communism prevails on the island.

  For now, the CQC, that diabolical invention of the Cuban government so that they do not touch a dollar bill with their hands - some sectors of the population that receive remittances from abroad - before and now they are told that they had "been born in Cuba by mistake. "-The majority of Cubans in exile and almost all of them inside the island remain silent for fear of being denied entry to the country where they were born. To those who are still on the island, silence, in case you are denied a trip abroad where most of them ask for asylum.

  The Cubans who have recently come to the southern hemisphere do not talk about politics, they remain silent when they touch the issue and they lodge another opposition Cuban, they also feel the fear inscribed in their minds that any Cuban around can be a spy member of the communist regime.

   Until that has come the terror and fear planted in Cuba for years. It has disunited the Cubans and the brotherhood of the islanders, thanks to the communist regime.Poor Diaz-Canel, has read the countless speeches of Fidel of the 70s or 80s - the president left us with something oligophrenic because nothing original has occurred to him - but the dollars have no ideology and constantly flow into the coffers of the hierarchs Cubans who do not give any account to the people of how that money is invested.

  Another one of the "transparency" that the new constitution  to be approved by the prople soon.

  While the people of Venezuela swallows their tears and hopes that the world will be sorry for them.But our Spanish ancestors were like that. They held and held until someone outside took the chestnuts out of the fire.At least the Venezuelans take to the streets to protest.

  What would happen to us Cubans if we did?There's the police and the army. They are many decades of indoctrination and silence. But hope is in the new generation, which has caught the taste of capitalism and consumerism. At least, desideologizados, will be launched into the streets to fight with their hands, even in exchange for a cowboy Levi's or Adidas Tennis or Nike.

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