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    There are memories you never forget and even dream frequently with them. That was the case of my car Moskovich brand, of course Russian, and flooded the city, as a stimulus for medical professionals in the late 80's.
     Saying "they gave me" a car is a euphemism for what had to buy my wife and I peso to peso and costing dearly for the salary of a doctor. But there was the Moskovich in the garage at home, bright and shiny as morning coffee with milk.

I felt privileged because medical professionals and others had no car but ancient American machines that survived as antediluvian dinosaurs.
   The car represented a breakthrough in our lives. It served to go to work and to the beach or the field on Sundays. Until we put it a name: Lester.
   I bathed and shinning Lester whenever I could, I took him to the mechanic as a lady carry on to the dentist to maintain good teeth. It had a good engine, the Soviets had copied the Renault on that, otherwise, as the carburetor was like a cavity that hurts again and again.
   It was a member of the family, was the first child I had, then came Jennifer and Orlandito who enjoyed it a while. A Orlandito loved to enter the garage with me sitting on my lap and driving, it was his greatest happiness.When I decided to go into exile I knew that Lester would be lost because my wife could not stay with it. So the authorities took it because it was in my name and it was a car delivered by Castro although we had paid until the last penny. Things of the tyranny.
    When I went to Guantanamo 18 years later I did not want to ask about the fate of Lester. One of my brother told me he had seen the rest of the body over there in a lost west of Guantanamo, Villorrio. He reconnacied the plate, It was a den of cats, they had rickety.
   The news hurt me as when you lose a close relative, Lester the car of my dreams in exile in Uruguay had died. I only have the memory of my babies laughing on Sundays glad when taking them to the beach and Lester took them like a car that ignored his final destination.


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    As director of a clinic in Montevideo had to pass a course of a month in Buenos Aires. 

   Take the hidrodeslizant ship and sat comfortably in first class.When we approached Buenos Aires and it was daylight.         On the horizon towers of Puerto Madero buildings that gave the impression of being a first world city they were outlined.     The dock was modern and checking luggage was quick and efficient. At that time the Argentine peso was equivalent to the dollar. I Took a remise and told the driver that I strolled through the city before going to my final destination: the clinic of alternative medicine who led a doctor friend of mine.

   I was amazed the different squares with monuments colossi and the greenery of its gardens full of flowers, buildings like the Presidential Palace or the Casa Rosada and the portal almost baroque racecourse, the famous Obelisk and Calle Corrientes and 9 July. 

   The old Buenos Aires captivated me from the start.
   That night we wanted to go with my friend the doctor and went to a function tango. There was a young couple dancing in a small venue. Thes movements of the girl were pure magic and enchantment, shapely legs tangled with a man full of sensuality and mystery act defied her face challenging male dominance in the scene. I find that the name was Laura Legascue eximia dancer and plasticity in the dance she was legendary.

   I invited to our table and eventually presented alone even with the dress with a slit showing the entire leg. 

She said that the tango was called "Cirque" and she danced every night except Mondays. Congratulated her on her dance and beauty. I had never seen such a shapely body and legs so stylized in a ballerina. I used to see young mulatto girl in cabarets in Cuba. I asked her when she went to Montevideo and told me it was from there. So we'd see us again.
   In the following days at work imbued in the clinic did not have much chance to get out. As was the beginning of the austral autumn sun drummed during the day. I was amazed to see people on the boulevards having lunch in the sun as if out every day.

   Argentine women are beautiful, they are among the most beautiful in the world, all want to look Duvet with long hair dyed blonde but essentially fine. 

   I left Buenos Aires in love with the city but what I remember most was the young tango ballerina, her legs slicing the air and the eternal confrontation of a temperamental woman who does not bow to a man trying to subdue her.

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THE PENNIS .MEN.urology ,man,urologists,conversation with ORLO


-year 2000
---- My Dinner with ARCO ORLO------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Urologists-------------------_ I have cut many dicks -pingas-with cancer, even of young men and were saved and live masculinity of memories._And they do with the organ?_We're sent to the clinic to save in chloroform, labeling and archiving, as well as the foreskins of circumcision or strangling penises by skin._For what?_In case any malpractice lawsuit makes ... A father once came, those who were never interested in his children and gave her a shot a nurse because he said he did not need take no guts or eggs ...A young man resists the operation and crack the cancer as a cauliflower, it is impregnated with fetid odor before dying.'_I told him, sometimes, it is better without a penis, but alive ... ................................ .................................................. ...........

__married / A unfaithful. Anywhere there is always a (million) informer (snitch) next "seguroso". They are more realistic that the king because they are vocational. Invent regulations or give retroactive decrees mentioned that nobody finds and leave no written or signed record. Officials are afraid of the naked king. They are the pages of the ghetto closed and paranoid society. Always on the lookout for any dangerous thought. They are greenish drool inside, suffering from internal hydrocephalus and diarrhea, although they live in good houses. As Montevideo is a tiny city sneaks one finds and knows by the smell of putrefaction that exceeds the Kenso. I went up to a group (say guaga, bus, hare) and a fashion mad attempt to seduce me with its Lorquian big eyes and when I knew he was the secretary of the secretary and lover of lover attorney-type, sneak, that I was applied the stranger and retroactive decree and I said: 'Even the salamander is in the fireplace? He, I said without emphasis, inglorious. The little seducer flew out the window like a ghost by neon tubes scaped .................... ..................................................
--- -Garrapata Prefer to Bucowsky (write well?) Or Reinaldo Arenas, Lezama Lima, Paradiso fascinates me I though, that baroque is a catchy amoeba intercourse that never ends, so tick as great constructivism Torres Garcia .......................................
4-One more imagined at dawn, I do not let me sleep, are at 7 a.m, I'll write it and I do not remember, I will return to torture me some night Whither, s ... it went?.............................................------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
THE UPSIDEWhen Orlo was 9, her friend Melania was 11, back in the beautiful Guantanamo, and as she said to me, had a pharmacist squeaky voice in the people-want to clarify before I come up, that not all who have squeaky voice they are how are you ... because in  the church is a litttle married man, who likes to gossip and have squeaky voice and not ... Gossip not considered, of course, ... excuse me I said.People called him very badly and rudely, invested.-Melania-Asked Orlo.-what is an inverted?_It A man with tits _everything she had to know she said.For a few years Orlo. wondered where that hid tits, tits if he had or not and what kind of serious tits.At that time they were not round and hard as it used today, but conical, soft teats and something falls, they were naturals.He was looking for: women doctors, writers and solo pianists ... that if, skinny, with respect and without much homophobia and fear of sacred wrath of advocates tolerance.When I was in seventh grade and rural used a very heavy machete to my skinny and cutting sugar cane with goals a body appeared a big man like a bear with breasts.That's not an inverted, Melania, these vacillating me, fucking.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THE PIANISTThe old pianist, at home fears, comes with a bouquet of flowers at the bottom and knocks on your front door and delivers it to the pianist ... I mean, the bouquet, obviously.Something worthy of Ricardo Arenas, I thought, when he spoke of the old and great Lezama Lima and his chorus of poets and poetasters.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THEATER DIRECTORBernhart Wolf lives and directs theater in Berlin East and inherited the great tradition of BrechtIt has projects in action in Chiapas, in Santiago de Cuba and now a university in South Africa, although he lives with his new wife in Stockholm a little and a little in the city of Wenders and his skies with angels.We met in Montevideo, when he traveled with sweet and barefoot Maya, resident in Geneva. The amount here: "Where is the exit interview the Cuban Hector Quintero?" Values for Cultural Exchange and I made one of the ages of Hector and he acted as the reporter traveller.The Cuban-Uruguayan writer Orlando Vicente Alvarez as actor.He read my text "Basta" translated by Canstet Heinz, asked me another work, He fotorgrafied 72 images of my house and traveled to Tacuarembo to see if the energy was individual or collective. Said, it is collective.With Urich Schraeder, Uli, discard "Sperm sauce" and "Losers always" and translated "Gods of clay"A Bernhart and Mara did not like it.It's depressing, draculiana, and touches on themes of introspection and silence and paralyzed the German theater. Also it is not interactive. Lacks dialogue and growth.And it was true, he preferred the hope and I started to write Resurrection of Che and his visit to Congress.So I produced "Never say never" translated by B. himself.I investigate thoroughly, because it is a great researcher.I remember for example that Hobbes interested in the word until he found the owner of the word.He works with words but also with actions.I hand him over to Simone because the choreography is too dignified (cost over 50,000 dollars) from a large theater, he said, and not an underground theater or a university theater in Cape Town or popular in Chiapas or Cuba ...So fatigue and silence of Europe, reflected in his theater, and added, in all art, including visual neobarroco film and videos, not what I say, but one (and many more) EuropeanOr at least a brilliant European and Bernhart, who seduced by Moliere, runs Latin America and Africa.

Amilcar LegazkueMontevideo


As always in life ...
Aniceto had a prophetic crisis, but without charisma.
A verbal incontinence that constantly threatened with punishment of plagues and catastrophes, inside the old hospital Chinandenga and great erudition and coherence.
Injected with anti-inflammatory and snores placidly neuroleptics.
So, every week, the family bring him to emergency in order the threats become a peaceful tropical nap
It's a very male guajiro but was an amateur to the prostate massage and every week at firm waits his turn.
The proctologo shouts
That comes a nurse. This sick man got me rotten. Or he goes to Japan.
-------------------------------------------------- ------

Says the Caribbean:
_Look at this sky, no stars have and this water is not like my water sea. In my country the sky and water are so beautiful that you never forget.
Southern says:
_As my little country there is none.
And Peru, invited by the ambassador to dine with the President;
_This ceviche is very wrong. Not as in my country ....

Amilcar Legazcue 

ORLO TALKING WITH ARCO 2000 -Montevideo. Uruguay.

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  Fragment of the novel Cuban Doctor in Nicaragua: Chinandega

  When they were happier for beer and hors d'oeuvres, they went to dance to Ranchón where there was a dance floor. They danced with enforce and joy. They could not ask for more to life. It had already fallen the night and beyond the farm Mangales surrounding darkness of dense forest and the new moon cast its light on the edge of the forest loomed. Suddenly a helicopter with a deafening noise thundered through the sky. Several military jeeps occupied the area. One of them came forth Commander Fidel Castro and all youth ran to the vehicle to applaud and honor him.     Fidel dressed as usual olive green uniform. It was placed next to the door of the jeep and spoke to those present:     __ I see that they are all very young. It is the first mission to send to Nicaragua to make the internship in hospitals of different departments. With you are the teachers of the important subjects __ was a long pause and then look at the charge of the support group commander who is especially recommended organizing this mission. __ Angela you tell me if everything is ready, they go after tomorrow.     Angela, a girl in her thirties with hair dyed blond, slender and pretty, replied:    __ Yes, Commander, everything is ready to detail. The guys will be well placed.    __ Why do not we go to Ranchón to have closer exchanges with young people? __ Fidel inquired.     All the boys ran to Ranchón where they sat on chairs and made a semicircle around  where CommEXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL "CHINANDEGA: CUBAN DOCTORS IN NICARAGUA"
ander sits . Daniel stayed on the outside of the shack and climbed on a chair to see the president from above. Bodyguards intimidated him with his walky-talky surrounded the shack. At the moment he  had the feeling of being excluded from a pack of dogs. If boldest would have sat by the alpha male and would speak directly to their concerns. But that was no longer possible. Fidel spoke:     __ I have recently stopped smoking cigars. It has not been easy. What I miss most is the absence of the lighter in my pocket than cigars. Whenever I went patted his pocket in search and still not lose the habit.     Everyone laughed at the story. Fidel already relaxed the atmosphere. It was the main theme: the mission.     __ I know you are going to take up the spirit of our brave youth to know Nicaragua and show how a revolutionary Cuban doctor. Always give the example. Sacrifice is all we asked. The Revolution will know compensate later. __ He paused and then added, changing his tone and turning to his side __ Angela. Is there anything that young people need and you have not asked?    Angela had been working with the group to support the Commander two years. She knew him well to anticipate their desires. While other heads rolled at the slightest mistake, she had been able to stand, fighting tooth and nail against an egomaniac that brooked the slightest fault. It had almost canceled his personality. Just becoming a machine efficiency and speed to please the smallest wishes of the boss. He had kept a submissive spirit but firm in making decisions, anticipating the whims of the President. It had survived and planned to stay in the ring for a few years. Do not be deceived. He knew that subordinates the commander did not last long. Therefore had a saved letter in:    __ First thing tomorrow they receive at the Faculty of Giron new books of Surgery and Internal Medicine . Also white robes of his stature to make them presentable at work. We know that Nicaraguan doctors do not wear gowns. So we give the example. Further. __ He paused for breath and addressed the students in general__ We will give a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer last generation with a medical bag which can carry things.     Angela did not smile triumphantly. He then held his head bowed modestly exhibiting the best he could. Commander smirked.     __ Good. It seems that everything is ready, as Angela said, to the last detail. __ Change his voise__ And now I would hear an opinion of you.     Group of students surrounded the Commander in Chief a girl of short stature, pretty face, thick hair dyed mahogany and a rounded figurine rose succulent meats. He went to the Chief:      __ I'm Carmen de Santiago de Cuba but everyone calls me Crucita. Let me tell you, Commander, that this generation of young people trained by the Revolution will not fail you. We will fight hard to fulfill our duty as the historic generation fought for us. Come up with all the strength you've instilled in us and the spirit of our heroic guerrilla, Commander Che Guevara. It why ask that our brigade so called "Comandante Guevara" and we thus identified.      There were murmurs of approval from the group and some cheers and applause were heard widespread. Fidel carefully observe the student. She looked like a strawberry ice cream cone with her beige skirt and pink blouse. Le sexually taste. It was a select group of graceful with whom he had hidden love affairs. Girlish but with strong character, not easy to break. For him it was like a challenge to his manhood and his status as an almost teenage girl face him in private. And this girl, as it was called ... Crucita, met the requirements. Too bad the'd discovered so late a few days to go abroad, but I could contact her later. He was already bored with his current woman who had filled sons and he had to keep hidden because it went against their image to the people. It was assumed that he was married to the revolution, that this was his real wife and that there was no bigger than love of country. That image had been inculcated to the people since the early years and would not change. Since then, he had to look small Crucitas in the shadows that his security team made him reach the discretion of state secret and deal with the skinny, tall and feisty his official wife that few knew and had watered down her character live almost in hiding. That was too much for a woman of the Supreme Commander of the Revolution.     Crucita ended his speech or speech as Daniel copied sellout high chair in the situation. "But that big earl girl came to me," he said to himself. He knew from his studies at the Faculty of Santiago de Cuba. She was a born leader. A vibrant picture of the UJC and she knew it. With its strident and defiant voice could inflame the coldest public. Everything in contrast to her small figure that seemed to be nothing. Daniel knew her well. She had a boyfriend of her own age of weak character compared to her but idolized. He was a student of the Faculty of Engineering opposite the medical and looked every day, even studied together. But Crucita began his visits he demanded its lead over the UJC and fell in love with the bus driver was a young athletic but uneducated. It was fiery in bed in the cities where they had to go on their numerous tours of accountability. So she broke up with her official boyfriend. He was complaining to her house. The parents of the girl threw him saying "fagot" And that ended the adventure and good reputation of Crucita. She was considered a good leader feared for her power but to vulgar pulled his driver to view. Among her closest friends they began to despise for his gaffe. Were girls from good families, proud and conceited. Crucita ignored them and continued sleeping with the driver who treated her more and more.     The commander said a few more sentences farewell and left like the place as he came,  hidden. State secrets were his movements although they were recreational, were made in absolute mystery. So the people  saw in the most official events: celebrations of national holidays, factory openings, opening of monuments. Activities like this, and more individuals were secret. All to guard against any enemy north attack but the main reason was to maintain the cult of personality: strong, elusive like a tiger, mysterious. It had been his life in the last 30 years, it had chosen well, knew the fascination for the people and it motivated them more.     When the procession olive green jeeps and all the bodyguards and support group had disappeared in the dark, the party declined. Nobody wanted to dance and was drunk. Just excited. Daniel joined the group of his area and walked to the buses waiting at the edge of the forest of mango trees. Next to him was Elio who shocked by recent events with Commander commented euphoric:     __ Did you see that gave me a little squeeze on the shoulder when he left? Did you saw?     __ Yes, I saw it. I was impressed by your outstanding figure. __ Daniel commented sarcastically.    __ And tomorrow we will give the books we need ... And the esfigmo, esteto and coveralls  we need.     __ That's the power of the Commander. His only word that everything comes out. King Midas seems ...     Elio looked at him strangely not seeming to understand anything. Daniel saw his the situation and added:      __ I mean the Commander really cares about us. Sure I do not ignore your presence in the act__ He paused and softened his words. __ If you have a problem when we are in Nicaragua you write a letter to the Council of State and resolved immediately.     __ Do you believe?     __I assure.     They took the bus. Night had fallen squarely on the forest, only the glare of the headlights of the bus back to the Faculty of Giron was visible. Daniel rested his head on the window and meditate on his life. He had one girlfriend in his life and had not even made love. And this engagement had ended so abruptly and painfully with the betrayal that had left him as an empty vessel that the Mission was now trying to fill, not substitute for him away from his nefarious thoughts and gave a new hope and not let his autoestim dragged along the ground completely. He was not the center of the world. God knows as would the hearts of other group members, except marriage, at this stage of things, also broken as his, although they had a stronger self-defense mechanism and were optimistic by nature, but Daniel's pessimism attacked him in spurts. He wondered if she had a sort of bipolar personality although this had begun to suffer with adolescence. His periods of depression although he would call "melancholy" gave by himself in his room with his beloved books and write long pages in his notebook and in her diary. Something had inherited from the father with his chronic sadness after the Revolution  intervened business of his love and had plunged into a quiet bitterness and indifference to the education of the 5 men without giving even a touch or a kind word as they do true parents. Daniel never forgive such behavior, lack of parental affection, only her mother was not enough to fill the void. Years later, when he turned thirty forgives papa and justify the cold behavior of his brothers. But now he was very young and still new things surprised him and nothing like a long journey for long years away from home to prove himself as a man. Perhaps he loves again touched on her door.
     The next day the speaker of the faculty were awakened and fell to the offices of building where, after a makeshift desk, Miss Angela  was handing them out one by one bulky packages: medical gowns, promised books, esphingo and stethoscope.

sex MEDICIN: A CASE OF PRIAPISM. involuntary erection penis


    In my professional life I have attended Urologist several cases of involuntary erection penis__ Priapism__ but the highlight occurred in the maritime city of Baracoa in the northern province of Guantanamo, Cuba.

    It was a January morning and I was called from the hospital because there was a case for the urologist. Took my car and went quickly because it was like a circus not only by the concurrence of voyeurs but the tent into the savannah over the erect member. It was a mulatto youn man who two days earlier had returned from the war in Angola and giving free rein to his repressed sexuality for two years. 

    The penis had been pointing to the sky and swelled increasingly by the influx of blood flowing into the the member and not leave so the phallus was huge.Take him to the operating room and drain by puncturing the glans stagnant blood, I emptied the contents penis and wash with heparin and send to the room.

   A few hours after the member was erect again. Nurses and hospital techniques congregated in the door to see the phenomenon. I had to get him back into the operating room and make a large incision in the glans and stop the blood accumulated muddy and wash with heparin. Suture the wound quickly and sent it to the room with his band member involved in a sphygmomanometerthe nurse should fill every fifteen minutes to empty. The young man was quiet, did not obfuscated the striking of the case and felt ashamed.

   The next morning the penis was the same but less swollen. Then began arriving relatives. Without shame or embarrassment they lifted the savannah and watched the erect phallus. With the greatest nonchalance world touched him and encouraged him saying:__ But this less m'ijo stopped yesterday. You're improving. And so they parading all, sisters, mother, cousins and friends. That visit became a show. Everyone wanted to see and praised him as naturally as the great phallus.I knew that these cases are powerless if they are long erection. Most occur in individuals who have sicklemics traits from birth.

   A few days gave high youth with priapism, and his member at rest. He was  cited for consultation in 21 days.When I saw him in consultation the bride came with him.__ And how is your sexual potency? __ I asked awaiting the complaint.__ Doctor it Will no problem. Fully recovered.__  So she said the bride__ No problems.

   I satisfied with the course of evolution, rare in these cases.

__Here I bring a bottle of rum to you  which take it as a souvenir.

__ No. You better drink it  because you are the exception to the rules__ I said smiling.

  He took the rum bottle, he opened it and gave sip brandy.__ This is my reborn to my pinga.
    And he came out of consultation happy as a child   



Every day when I got off the car after a tiring day at the clinic I saw a girl of about fifteen reading a book on the website of the pension front. She looked with her beautiful brown eyes as I approached the front door. Curious one day I asked if she liked to read.

__ Are you doctor? I say 'cause the white robe you’re wearing.

__ Yes. But tell me. What do you study?

__ I'm in high school. I want to be a nurse when I finish.

__ Do you find it easier to study in the portal?
I say this from the noise of passing trucks and buses.

__ I need quiet to read.__I said.

__ That would be ideal. But when my mother has customers in the room I go out and I take the time to study.

__Your mother is prostitute.

__ I affirm because it was obvious.

__ Sex worker she likes to be called. Some nights, especially Friday and Saturday up are so many men and I really do not know where to get involved. So I look for a light bulb to read.
  I did not know to add to his story. Be silent for a few seconds:

__ Your mother does not think about the future, when she get old. How does she keep?

__ She pays retirement insurance. Sex workers of Uruguay are grouped "The association of harlots" when the aches and pains have come a pension  which need to survive.

__ And your mother has many customers?

__ This varies. There are seven a day and there are days that just one.

__ And that enough to live comfortably?

__ Do not throw butter at the ceiling but we pulling.

  I did not know what more to say. I felt sorry for the young teenager, I said a muttered goodbye and cross the street to the warmth of home. I thought that some women have a hard time but this girl kept some childish naivete and took her mother's work naturally. Surely she would be a good nurse.





    As in the old Alain Resnair movie can no longer say Guantanamo mon amour and less living a romance under the rubble of a war. If it looks like a city after a bombing, only the center of Marti Park remosado as an image in Technicolor for tourists who spend long in their micro refrigerated is pleasing to the eye. For my house passes a crier selling ice cream in that terrible summer or offering mangos and dry off season.
    Everyone can live as sought. The salary is not enough and must look for extra money to buy food and clothing. I do not understand the obsession of guantanamerian _ or will of all the cuban people_ by flattery. The empty stomach is not seen but a good cowboy brand is displayed with ostentation. Mind of underdevelopment.    

   I see the Shell of the Marti park smaller as I saw before and the parish of Saint Catalina seems a simple chapel  lost in the distance of the field.    The source of the Avenue and Ahogados where I used to sit and take in the fresh, sporting a spectacular architectural monument that all deformed. Who would think such a landmark is a sculpture.    Huambo the movies have had to put a Roman arches for coupling to the environment. It occupies the space where once was the Luke cinema, an ice cream shop and a space where exhibitions exemplary cattles take place. It was made in all that space one movie, small, austere in style Giron or Breztniana construcion that prevailed in those days.
    The worst thing is to have a picture of the past without seeing that everything changes but change for the worse. The city has become a jumble of small plate houses of two floors. All the same. The landscape does not change throughout giving sight.      No, I can not say "mom amour Hiroshima" has not yet been bombed but people walk through the streets as if it were.






    Waterfront  home there was a vacant lot where we played ball in our leisure time. The problem was when we had no ball to play but for those cases we had to “Mimi big piss”.    It was a girl about 13 years old that still wet the bed, his mother, an Indian woman who gave what my mother called "rages" that is, that sometimes started to scream and fight ranting in a way caged lioness heard throughout the block. The truth was that when Marylou that was the real name of the daughter peed in bed AT night. She was tied with a rope to the trunk of a coconut tree in the yard and the mother gave her a rage. 

   The girl screamed and screamed all night until neighboring Ada jumped the fence separating the two yards and carried home by pity. As a result of that punishment or disease Marilú had given her a facial paralysis and had contracted one side of the face as if she was laughing all the time. But it was good and helpful.
    We called her because she had a rusty old doll and all that. It had missing a eye, and part of the hair and it was rubber. We knock off the head and it served ball.

 Mimi big piss, as the game wore on, sat at us and placed on a stone with normal face against the neighboring wall so that it seemed she was always laughing and that encouraged us in the game have such an attentive amateur.

   When it was finished she took the head of the wrist, she checked to see new damage and laughing with one face went back  home.

COSTRUMBISM: A GUANTANAMERO IN PUNTA DEL ESTE. I keep walking and breathing the salty air. The sunset is stunning.

A Guantanamero in Punta del Este
  The summer is gone in the Southern Hemisphere. We are in the Uruguayan fall but it seems that is the Winter stepped forward. It was five days of constant rain. The wet sheets and clothing that will not dry on the clothesline. 

    The empty streets. Empty restaurants. It had gone the wave of Argentine tourists and Brazilians who came to spend the summer in hotels or on its imposing mansions gabled roof.    After being in Punta del Este free from that summer plague is a real pleasure to walk along its avenues by the sea.

     There are two beaches on either side of the peninsula: that of the Mansa, with its calm waters and the Brava with its stormy sea. Of the Mansa is for most people, the older ones, it's more peaceful. In the remaining stragglers Brava surfers who defy the icy waters with their waterproof suits. I prefer the glow of the crashing waves at sunset, make me feel younger. 

    Sheltered from weather conditions with a thick coat, scarf and gloves I ride the Bravanear the imposing buildings. There is building it is Donald Trump, a roundedand striking like everything he does.

   Who would say that a Guantanamero would feel like a Puntaesteño more? It's what I feel after so many years. My beloved tiny country is only a longed remember plunges into the mists like thisevening, and luxury yachts port, with the lights off, waiting to sail north, where it is still summer.  

   Meanwhile I walk alone along the promenade. My daughter wait for me at the end of the day. My brother went to Guantanamo. He will be enjoying the warm waters of the beaches of Cuba and a tasty roast pork.
   I keep walking and breathing the salty air. The sunset is stunning.




After long years in exile in Uruguay one morning I wake up and I say to myself:__ Let me see what is about Facebook now I have free time.Neither short nor sloth I open the computer. It's raining as usual in the fall of this remote country. My daughter Jennifer helps me in my job.__No So, Papa. You have to do a profile.__ And where I take photos? __ Ask.__ take them of the download folder. The photos are recent ..,And from there I sumerge in the new cyberworld. It is the first to discover Margarita Vallina page, my old and faithful friend who has many followers. I overwhelm me so many new faces in happy poses. From there I still entranced with making friends and reencontered old. Time has passed and has made its ravages on their faces. Likewise I will see me.__ There will be a photo by here when I was younger? __ I tell my daughter.__ No dad. You got to present yourself as you are now a stubborn old man.I do not say anything. One is as it is.A separate generation of their homeland because of a tyrant . Old friends who staged the glory days of our youth rootless exile. Some are happy, they have their families with them. Some do not find their place pining for the old country, the litttle country of Guantanamo.At least I see their faces and their lives made me feel less alone. Ahh, that generation of Pro has disperdigated throut the world.


#Tacuarembo,#URUGUAY Fragment of the novel "Palms and Ombues" ARCO ORLO.

Fragment of the novel "Palms and Ombues"


      The bus was quickly down the highway linking Montevideo to Tacuarembó department. We were in the summer and the heat and the smell of sweat were sweltering. Passengers dozed or bored watching the landscape that passed on both sides of the road. I also watched the picture to my left, lined by green pastures and wool sheeps and cows. Occasionally the monotony was broken by a yellowish ceibo under which the cows took shelter from the burning sun.

       Iñaqui Echevarria slept beside me with loud snoring. We agreed not to sleep during the trip so that your snoring cursed not disturb the other passengers. But No. With his long legs and neck stretched seemed a steam locomotive damaged. They say that snoring during sleep is that is at peace with himself and has the spirit sedate. I for one do not usually sleep during any trip either by bus, train or aircraft long flight. It must be that my damned spirits are always restless and those of Iñaqui enjoy the peace of the Lord. I know him well and is not so: it has a thousand demons that haunt him.
The bus stopped frequently by stray cattle grazing along the path where the grass was taller and fresh. You could tell that a rainstorm had swept the area, puddles and bright pasture
    After nearly five hours of travel, which was the time stipulated by Iñaqui, I was surprised to see my left a not very high hill. White, by the stone and the sun was rising on a hill. I remembered a thick cock beheaded.
   __ We are already reaching Tacuarembó__ Iñaqui said after waking up for my elbow that strikes him. He looked around and saw the imposing hill.
   Finally. I said to myself, after five hours with numb ass on that trip that passed me by the balls.
  We arrived at the terminal of the provincial capital city. Iñaqui first thing he did was look for the cafeteria. It was his favorite vice: food. The other was sex. We ordered half giant moons with ham, cheese and butter, watered by coke. And appetite sated, we devote ourselves to find a hotel or an inn (the latter was the favorite of Iñaqui by lower costs)

   A few blocks from the terminal, asking, they indicated one. Small and with an awning on the outside where an old man sat in bermudas graying taking the cool of the evening. He was the owner. It turned out that there was no longer quotas. The next day there would be a close event. Villa Ancina, a town about 50 kilometers from Tacuarembó the feast of Our Lady of Itati be held. Reason that everything was full.

Jennifer my doughter and I

Jennifer my doughter and I