Tuesday, January 22, 2019

IN THE NEUROLOGIST CONSULTATION: two older men conversation.




  I entered the Nosocomium and approached the two girls at the reception-well, girls is a courtesy term, the truth was that the '40 had already passed.

   They did not serve the public at that time. They whispered among themselves if the latest fashion in Norewia was to dye their teeth green or yellow.

  -Not my friend. I think the color violet is more striking and with the lips painted saffron would look great to attract the opposite sex.

  -Do not. Dear. The green is the most appropriate. Imagine with the lips of an iridescent red, we would look like a rose of Christ with green stems ...

  Seeing that they did not take care of me, I hurried to the pharmacy.

   There was no tail and  that surprised me because towards a radiant sun burns. Sure, it was about 9 o'clock and there was little public.

  I presented the prescriptions of the doctors to the girl behind the glass. She did not answer my greeting, she already knew of my good manners.

  Seconds later she brought me the medication. A whole arsenal of medicines.

   "Are they all?" I said surprised. "Is not there one missing?

"-Do not. This time they are all."

   I almost get a surprise . And I almost yelled at her

  :-Sorry. But you tell me that there is none missing ...

  -Do not. These are complete.

  -Look, tell me the truth or they'll have to give me the defibrillator for cardiac arrest ... You know, my Diabetes, my heart like a watermelon, my senile dementia, etc., etc.!

  - Do not be funny this time! And leave the next patient waiting in line.

  Almost ashamed, I went to the corridor where the polyclinic was. I had a shift with the Neurologist, I do not know, the last time he told me something about Alzheimer's or something similar that I did not keep in mind.

  Ailments of the elderly.And here Isaw sitting very calmly to my old friend Mr. Ernestico.

  -Good day. Mr. Ernestico, how long without seeing us ...

   -Good day- he answered kindly-By chance we know each other ... And my name is Ernestilingo

  .-Yes of course. The rainy day at the bus stop long days ago.

  .-Ahh You must be the Venezuelan ...

   -No-I informed him-the one from Jatibonico, an island attached to the country you mentioned.

  - This memory of mine! Sometimes it makes me confuse faces. I've almost forgotten the beautiful face of the deceased ...


  -And can you tell who told you her name?

 You the  same told me about the deceased. You do not remember that day in the rain waiting for the bus ...

  -I do not remember anything!

  -If you even mentioned her name and that the layer of water you were carrying had been bought for her ...

 -And how do you know all that! You still have memory.

-Good. Sometimes I have my bumps. For example. I do not remember all the names of my children or their ages.

  -But man. Those are things that are never forgotten. Let's see. How many children do you have?

  I make a very strong mental effort. I stopped a few seconds ...

  -I only remember the first son I had, Diosmede, who died of a stroke when he was about 60 years old.-I remembered the late Diosmede and a tear ran through the one eye that cries me: the left one.

  -Don't be like that. We all lose a loved one in life. Look at the deceased...

 -I already recovered from my memories, induced me to speak:

 -Who? Esmeregilda?

  - But how do you know if I had not told you about her? I remember the day she bought me a layer of water ...

  - In a liquidation in Piriapolis?

  -Do not. I have not told anyone that. It turns out that I had already paid the amount of the large layer of water to the storekeeper days before and told him to give it to Esmeregilda, as a surprise, you know, and the bad man sold it again. He was a thief as they currently swarm.

  -That's my friend. You can not trust anyone or for a gift of love ...

  - What love, not love! If It was a compliment for her to be calm while I went out with a mulatta girl that drove me crazy.

  - Then, cheated Esmeregilda?

  -They were different times. Where a young man could not appease his impulses. Afterwards, I lost my whim with the mulatto girl. I think I had a natural child with her. Yes of those who grow up without a father. But she soon found another man with silver who gave her house, maid and dressed her like a queen.

  -And how did you continue with Esmeregilda?

  -Did I tell you her name? Yes. I loved her because she was the only woman who understood me. And children ... - He paused making an effort of will to remember - I do not know. Sometimes they come to visit me, sometimes not. They have made their own lives.And putting his face to me- he whispered:

  - Do you still erase your member? Because there are days that I'm like a ratchet ...

  -What does member? - I asked.

  -That ... The member ...

  -I'm not a member of the Communist Party! Or anything like that. Ohh my God. ¡Aleluya!- I replied offended.

  -Do not. I mean, the coc ...

  -Ahh Good. I do not remember that anymore-I answered-this fillter with two blue pills do nothing. -  I answered.

   In those moments the Neurologist calls me. I stand up and say goodbye to Ernestico, I say, Ernestilico.

                               Dr       Orlando Vicente Álvarez cuban uruguayan,genius

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