Saturday, September 17, 2016



   It was a bleak morning. It was raining and I went to see the priest. I found him reading in the sacristy. He saw my rueful face.
__ What's wrong son?
__ No father. Today I woke up missing mine  family. All they are in Punta del Este but my mind was not for celebrations. Strange especially those who are in Cuba.
__ That happens when you do not look into your heart and see deep down that they are with you.
__ I try Father but my heart is already empty. There is nothing in it.
__ Go to the back of the church, on the right, in a dark corner and you'll see something that belongs to you.
    The Church was very old and were repairing. It was located in one of the remotest places of the Old City of Montevideo. Walk among the trees that supported scaffolds. Everything was dark and damp.
    And a far corner someone had filed an agreed and Our Lady of Charity. did not have the luxury garments had in Cuba. The goldsmith was meticulous in the details. Her robe covered his feet. I wondered who had devotion to bring and deposit for all Cubans venerate. There were many other saints around, but I did not see another. I knelt down and touch her cloak and pray for all Cubans as the imprisoned loneliness.
    And I felt that everything was fine despite my tears.
    I stood up and I retire from the place. I am passing through the sacristy Father wanted to say goodbye. He looked at my moist eyes and said nothing, He knew the effect of the Virgin in me.
    And I already had a place in Montevideo where I knew someone celestial waiting for me when my mood falter. The Our Lady of Charity stretched his sacred mantle Cubans as I craved comfort.

   And I was serene. Raindrops dragged my tears.