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   Today I went early to the Hospital of Maldonado, again under a copious rain - here in Uruguay the climate is more rare, heat in winter and a lot of rain in the middle of summer - which affects the tourism industry.

   Well as I enter. I was surprised not to see any patients in front of the pharmacy.Surely once again the system-of Computer has been dropped so that politicians do not feel alluded to- or some new cagastrophe had happened

   I took the roll number and immediately rang the pharmacy bell by calling another grievant. I noticed and it was nothing but me.

   -Gentleman. If I'm in luck today.

   It must be that Santa Barbara has brought the rain and the drug bonanza.But I had not brought a backpack - I say the basquet to be prepared for this unusual act - and rummaged in my guarda picha or fanny pack in search of the prescriptions while the new girl in the pharmacy waited.

    I got tangled up with the open umbrella, the picha guard, the glasses and the recipes and the girl waiting and calmly waiting for my search.

  At last I found the handful of medical prescriptions. It was a jumble of papers wet with rain and since I could not find the glasses because of the nervousness, I did not know what medicine was and what was not.I took the recipes to the new girl-the other had a side of fright that frightened me, lest I am knownfor eloquence and good manners.

  The pharmacy reviewed the prescriptions and was eliminating one by one.

  - What's up Miss, is that they are missing?

  -Do not. They are repeated. Here you have four prescription  of Enalapril and I already have on the PC that corresponds to two.

  .-But it's not my fault. The diabetologist gives me Enalapril for my hypertension, the general practitioner also, there are two prescription. Also the Neurologist and the cardiologist and so on. They want me Enalaprilizar me

  .- And this rprescription that I do not understand the letter of the doctor? -She said.

   God forgive her for being new. See that a pharmaceutical company that is respected does not understand the doodles that doctors do, if they have studied to decrypt even the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

   I read the prescription and said every "every 12 hours"

   -The problem is that I was prescribed a cholecystectomy every twelve hours. -And I added after a few seconds- Miss the reading is "Valcote every 12 hours"

  -Ahh Well, "she said, relieved but not smiling.She looked for medications and then I found another problem. I had not brought the backpack, I say, the basket to buy the mercancy of food at the store and I had nowhere to put so many boxes of medicines.

-Miss. By chance ... It's not to offend your sensibilities ... Do you by chance a nylon bag to carry the medications ...

  She, rampant and triumphant told me a round NO.

  - They stopped importing them from the Philippines or from New Zealand, I say, because here we see everything... could happen...

  .-Do not. We do not have- she said very much would be suspecting my irony.

   I tried to introduce the small boxes in the guard picha but they did not enter, they were too many. The ton of medicine that I take 2 times a day have me as a zombie and I already compliced, to top it off, with an itinerant gastritis, which comes and goes, comes and goes.

   Thank God I was in 6-pocket Bermuda. Pockets everywhere. Now I know why the hell they make it with so many pockets, they must be so that the patients of the hospitals can carry their copious pharmacopoeia in them.

   I picked up the umbrella that I had left open in the middle of the aisle because of the urgency of the shift in the pharmacy, all peeled and with some rods in the air, that is, more than an umbrella it seemed to attract sun and attract rain.

   I went to the stop to wait for my bus. A skinny old man with a pronounced nasal appendix sat next to me.

   -Good afternoon ... ahem ... excuse me. Good Morning. Look at the weather in the middle of summer, rain here and rain there .

   -It must be the moon that changed places with so many rocket trips and the Ozone layer that is disappearing from the gases of the cows.- I said my favorite joke-

   The old man looked at me closely.

   - But you're loading me or what. Look that my surgeon missed the consultation and I'm going to take advantage of going to the Intendency and all that mess of pensions, papers and papers ...

  - It will not be that they want to know if you wants cremation or normal burial by the Intendency ...

  - Again, load me again. Look, I'm already 80 years old to take this from a young comedian who already borders on disrespect.

  - I am 60 years old - I lied, I am 61 - and to me no contingency makes me lose my sense of humor.

  -And the worst that the Surgeon did not come- said the old man after a few seconds.

  - And what do you have to be so calm? -I asked naively.

   -I have some wounds in the chest. They wanted to send me to another hospital by ambulance ...

  - Look, in the Intendancy can infect the wound and grab gangrene and all that mess ...

  - And you - Do you think you're a doctor to understand these things. 

   - Look. I was joking with you to cheer you up and brighten your day. 

   The old man turned his back on me and I do not speak anymore. My bus was approaching. 

   -Goodbye. Sir, have a good time in the Intendency and do not shake much that those wounds bleed and bleed ... 

  -¡Que te pario!

   But why I gave to people love and comprension! Gentleman, what a thing. I thought I had a happy day for how well I was treated at the pharmacy and this gentleman comes and is offended like that. 

  The truth is that I do not understand the Uruguayans. So peaceful and good people that I am.

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