Saturday, November 17, 2018

EASY MONEY -BRAZIL BRASIL.BOLSONARO. the importtation of cuban medical meats was finished.


   The government of Bolsonaro ended the agreement that Dilma ROUSSEF had signed with Cuba. This was: importing thousands of young Cuban doctors to practice in areas where Brazilian doctors did not approach.
  The poor Cuban doctors, excited to leave Cuba and see other lands, see capitalist society up close and arm themselves on their return with all the little money that was scarce on the island, willingly joined for three years, separating themselves from their family and friends.
  This was a sign of satisfaction for the Cuban families despite the separation because the little money that the government paid them and the washing machines, motors, and clothes that they would bring back were a relief to the shortages and an incentive for the strangeness of the distance .
  The Cuban government charged a large portion of the pie to the point that it is one of the most lucrative activities that Cuban hierarchies receive, greater than tourism.
   I met a young couple who sent them to another South American country. Their destination was a wooden hut and thatched roof in the middle of a terrible weed and they had to prepare the surgery themselves. They fled like a soul that the devil persecutes and they asked for asylum in the host country, they revalidated the title and now they live happier than in Cuba even though they are longing for their relatives.
  In my book "Chinandega: Secrets of the Cuban Doctors in Nicaragua" I painted the conditions in which the doctors lived while the MININT or FAR officers lived in mansions with pools of the old moneyed class of the Somocistas, while they paid us a miserable salary in "Cordobas" that did not reach us to buy a shirt or pullover. 
 There, the bandage of communism was taken from me. There was a kind of tyranny in the medical brigade where the UJC and the CCP were in charge of watching until our cinema trips.
  Cuba now exports Cuban doctors to several countries in Africa and Latin America, charging these countries hard cash. As if it were a new slave  unconscious of manipulation in exchange for small items that are brought.
   I agree with Bolsonaro's measures regarding Cuban doctors even if I do not entirely agree with his extreme right ideology.
  But the Cuban doctors who open their eyes and demand a decent salary and not the money that accumulates in Cuba until their return, if they return.
  The human being tends to freedom because of his divine nature but also to submission because of the indoctrination that they receive as a child, as a new view comes.



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