Saturday, November 24, 2018



   In the radio and television of Punta del Este they put several announcements:

   In the barracks Silsa we have received Uzbekistan tables ISO 342 HEL 659, waterproof- hydrophobic- cut with a horizontal saw-Spintel whirtol- that are ideal for covering your bedroom, living room or toilet.

   Then a beautiful woman telephoned her neighbor:

  -You saw how the Silsa barracks are selling some precious planks, from Uzbekistan, I was already -I think French or from Bulgaria-, and they gave me the bathroom of that kind of wood. It is green like fine linen and gives an elegant touch wherever you use it.

   -And the price?

  - More economical than I thought. My frend . I do  think fabulous. Now the bathroom looks like a sauna.

 - And the toilet closet, How did you manage to replace it?

   _Very easy dear. You have to go to buy the boards ISO 342 HEL 659.

  - I'm going in my truck right away. Any more indication?

  -Good. Ehh The only drawback I found is that the ass... is left full of splinters.

 - It does not matter, dear friend. If you bought those ISO boards ... I love them too, even if we have to shit in a crouch.

   In Punta Shopping you have to see the ladies with skins, collars, gloves and fine shoes, stir in boxes of old-fashioned clothes and very cheap. I suppose they will give them to the poor or they will use it when they take off the costume of millionaires.

   In a very famous Supermarket they announced that for a package of Frankfurter, in Creole hot dogs or as they say in Argentina, panchos, they gave you another for free. And there I went, encouraged by the propaganda. There was a crowd of all social classes in the Sausages section. I bought a frankfurter package and they gave me another extra. Then at home I saw that the next day they expired.

 That night I ate all the hot dogs until I vomited them.

  Clothing is going out of style every season. It is not               like before a pair of pants lasted several years and you did not feel out of "wave" The elasticated jeans that narrowed at the ankles went out of style. Now the wide skirts appear below the knees and pants wide as legs of elephants. And people to buy, even the poor to feel fashionable. The sandals of huge platforms are "demodé"

  And nothing. That excess consumption is bad for the mind and pocket. When will this end, Papa Bergolio although you condemn it?

                                 orlando vicente álvarez

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