Sunday, November 25, 2018

Short Tale: loss of the innocence of an adolescent


  The teenager was sitting in the living room of his house reading a book he did not understand.

   He knew that his sister was in her room with a young woman friend.

    The boy, without suspecting anything, went to consult with the sister about a passage he read. He entered the room and was petrified by what he saw:

  His sister had her hand under the girl's skirt and was moving it down and up, down and up.

  Upon ascertaining the presence of the teenager the girl sat on the bed scared and her sister pulled her hand away.

  The teenager left the room without understanding anything. But the reaction of the two girls told him that something abnormal was happening. Then he understood.

  He wrote on the first page of the book that read the title of a song by the group Tabares that was then very fashionable:

  "Heaven must be missing an angel" and added "Right Now"

  The book is still in his library and reminds him of the time he lost his innocence.

                                                       Orlando Vicente Álvarez


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