Saturday, November 3, 2018



   According to the Cuban press, an institution dedicated to the study of the work of the supreme commander will be finished, which as a last will demanded that they not use his name in streets, monuments, or institutions.
 But that was just a phrase of false modesty and not wanting to transcend. He knew that his flatterers would invent something especially noting that the myth of the fighter against the empire of the north, for the poor of the world, etc., was blurring especially among young people and children who are only to wear foreign brand clothes and they are not as indoctrinated as the previous generation.
  In addition, for "the enemy", read, "the Cuban exile and all the defenders of the world's democracy" to see that the life and work of a dictator are preserved, even in high-tech archives.
  It is a high-tech "Museum" class of what was your life's pathetic partner. Will they collect his mistakes, the failed economic plans,hisr meddling in Africa, the shooting of subordinates in which others of the State Council supported him, the soldiers killed in foreign campaigns, how he made a prosperous country dependent on a dependency of the Soviet Union, the secrets of the nuclear missiles that had the world on the verge of a catastrophe, his varied amorous adventures and the secrets of his death?
   No. Children and young people can not know anything about that. He did not want statues or anything similar, the example of dictators like Stalin, Saddam Hussein, etc., was quite instructive. He knew that someday the true story would come to light.
  Should the PCC and the high figures of the Cuban government, including Raúl Castro, invest that money in food and housing for the people who now and more than ever need it.
  The olive green worms fear losing their posts if they do not revere somehow a mummy that was incineriated in a last act of megalomania.
  It is also to take the brunt of the Cuban exile by seeing how Castro's work endures in that institution. They fear the oblivion that inexorably arrived as a slow but sure force or as an explosion of rage contained by so many years of isolation, hunger for ordinary people and misinformation,
  But Freedom is genetically in the human being and that is what the peoples tend to do when they are oppressed.
  This is only the song of a black swan whose stream dries up little by little and dies without being able to escape.

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