Saturday, November 24, 2018

How to make a perfect fellatiio according to a known Madame


  The Doctor had recently been elected director of a clinic in Montevideo. He was the first to see the patients. In this place, three stories high and in a neighborhood of wealthy people, several treatments were offered, among other things to rejuvenate.

  The clientele increased in number day by day and the Doctor had to call the owner who was Argentine and owned a similar establishment in his country.

   One day a very famous client appeared. Blonde, wrapped in a leather suit, speaking slowly and sweetly, accustomed to dealing with prominent politicians, famous artists and well-to-do people.

   Sisi was the owner of the most famous brothel in the city. The doctor had seen her before in television interviews and had her own radio show late at night. She faced calmly, without losing her composure, psychologists, sociologists, religious and vigilantes of the morals of others. Nobody took her out of their boxes. SHe defended prostitution as an inevitable profession - the oldest in the world, as they said.

  She argued that she did not like to see girls in the streets exercising her work under the surveillance of a "pimp", drugged and exploited. No, they had to work freely in their luxury brothel as God intended.

  The Doctor indicated an anal Ozone Therapy treatment which she underwent for 20 sessions to reaffirm her skin after the eighth surgery that had been done.

  Later in the re consultation praised the treatment. She said that now she slept well and that her skin was smoother than ever. And she showed the Argentine Doctor and the director, his pointy breasts and the absence of fat on his waist-she had already had several liposuctions-and invited them to her brothel.

  -Look that I have new girls, precious as virgins, who will give everything their own. And you're going to have a great time.

  Both Doctors remained silent for a moment. Seeing them hesitantly added:

  - Are you married men?

  -Yes- they both told her.

  - Then we have to wait for a while when the monotony of their women makes them long for a young woman's body. For now I do not insist.

    Years passed and the Doctor did not see her again. But her presence in the media always caused curiosity, even among the women who admired her for her good words, her culture, her charisma and her embalmed beauty.

   When the doctor moved to the fashionable spa a neighbor who knew Madame Sisi, told him how, from his position in a famous hotel where he worked, he watched Sisi give lectures to the rich women attending.

  With a big dildo in he painted hands she taught them how to make a true fellatio to their husbands. His lips and tongue slid down the artifact as if she were with a real male member. Attentive rich women, with a similar dildo each, followed their maneuvers carefully.

  Occasionally a waiter would come in with the snacks the women ordered-usually strawberry and chocolate ice cream, to moisten her lips. No shame or bourgeois prudishness. Those women attacked the dildo as if they were in full swing.

  - That is so that their husbands do not go to look for another one in the street. First whores in bed and then saints among the people.

  The Doctor's neighbor witnessed these lessons almost every night except Mondays.

  Then time passed and he did not know more about Madame Sisi. The last thing he heard was that she was selling the brothel but nobody was interested.

  Lately he saw her on TV. Her body could not resist plastic surgery anymore. Hier wrinkled skin and hesitant hips called for a retreat.

  The Doctor never forgot the words she said in the clinic:

  -If you lose your job with the economic crisis that is coming, call me at my house. I have relationships with former clients who now have positions in the Government and can help you.

                                                        Dr   Orlando Vicente Álvarez
cuban uruguayan,genius

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