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    She looked like a teenage girl who had not yet reached the maturity of adulthood.
  They wanted to make her look more seductive and at the same time keep an air of naughty girl. Her copious black, hair like a crow's wing, was lifted in a giant tall moll with a wick falling carelessly down her shoulder.
 Her eyes, well delineated with black mascara, changed the appearance of a young girl but to preserve the youthful air - a concession to the young audience's taste - her hair was adorned with a tiny flower, fresh or synthetic, I do not know, but that It gave an air of seductive girl, a femme fatal who dazzled the young.
   Her body, fragile in appearance, small and thin, seemed to be split in two at any moment. But when she sang ... Her tone of voice reached ... the rapture.
   A Jewish girl who at 10 years old played the guitar and composed her first songs, she achieved stardom in the years. However, her first musical project was a rap band, when she was only 10 years old. It was called Sweet 'n' Sour. Amy describes that adventure as "the small group of Jewish kids in Salt 'n' Pepa," that mythical New York rap group of the '80s and one of the first that brought that genre to mass.
  A girl of twenty who sings with the depth of a veteran, with a unique voice color and dazzling technical handling. In the fullness of her faculties she was noted with total control of her art, an innate ability. It was real, emotional, authentic. There were no artifices. There was an ancestral pain in her singing. 
   Once she recognized that it had not occurred to her to be a professional singer because the singing for her was natural, everyday, something that was always at her side. Her first public appearances showed a girl of great frankness, with a wild naturalness and unusual frontality.
   At the beginning she considered herself a jazz singer, but with her two official records (after her death the record released some uneven albums with discarded shots) she became the great singer of R & B, soul and pop of the 21st century. Back to black is a small masterpiece, the peak of her art, of her scarce legacy. In addition to a critical success was a huge sales success. Millions of copies worldwide and awards of all kinds. Five Grammys, Mercury Prize and several Brits Awards.
  The album sold, worldwide, more than 20 million copies. The issue that had the greatest dissemination was "Rehab". That in which the singer says no, no, not to enter rehabilitation.
  I like the duo she plays with Tony Bennett, the standard "Body and soul" where her warm voice is equal to that of the veteran singer.
  It was during those years that the singer had her first approaches to drugs. Problem that, along with her excessive taste for all alcoholic drinks, still pursues her.

That's how brilliant, so fleeting was Amy's career. Just two discs. Three years in which her physical and musical faculties shone; after, the fall.
     Only her bodyguard, who said goodbye to her around midnight. At three in the morning, Amy sent a text message to a friend: "I'll be here forever, and you?" At ten o'clock in the morning, the bodyguard approached her door and did not hear anything. It did not surprise him. Not when he repeated the movement at 12 noon. At three in the afternoon, alarmed by the lack of response from the singer, he entered his room. She had been dead for several hours. Three bottles of empty vodka were lying on the side of the bed. 
    The toxicological tests showed that there were no traces of drugs in his blood, only alcohol. Very much. An inordinate amount. 4.16 grams per liter of blood. The limit before the alcoholic coma is 3.5. Nobody showed too much surprise. Amy had disbanded in public. As she had written in the song that titled the album that consecrated it, Back to black: "I died hundreds of times".
    That July 23 was the last and definitive. A slow, lonely, predictable and precocious death.
   Like an anemone flower, the national flower of Israel, they peeled their petals one by one and nobody could do anything. One of the young Goddesses of the 21st Century was dying
                                                         dr  ORLANDO VICENTE ÁLVAREZ CUBAN URUGUAYAN ,GENIUS

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