Sunday, November 11, 2018



   A ballerina friend of mine who is in her forties and looks like twenty, recommended me for my diabetes to another girl who brought home vegetarian dishes.

 I contacted the cook girl and agreed to bring me a portion of her special diet the next day.

   Someone  knocked on the door. An androgynous girl showed up: two-colored hair, violet on one side and pink on the other. I remembered the characters of the French comedy that staged works of Moliere centuries ago.
   But I was amazed by the piercings that adorned her face. And I'm "crazy" about piercings. She had three in each ear, one in the nose and the one that left me reaching the rapture, almost in ecstasy, was the one with the lower lip. She looked like a hardware store saleswoman. But the fashion of young people should not be criticized, this makes us old or old who criticize everything, especially the youth. You have to be lenient.
  She gave me the plate of vegetables: chickpeas, chopped beans, carrot in pieces and boiled squashes. I Asked:
  - What is the name of this diet?
  -Vegana- she replied with pride.
  - What if I give it a chopped boiled egg?
  -Then it would be vegetarian Ovo, which is not the same.
  - And bits of cheese? -I asked again.
 - Lacto vegetarian
  - Okay. Young girl bring me an eh ... a ... dwarf.
  -We still do not know that diet but when it becomes fashionable I will propose it.
  - Good. For now I'll stay with it ... How did she tell me?
  - The vegan diet.
   - That's. Bring it to me three times a week.
     I paid her and we stay like this.

   I was already used to eating without salt but that diet reminded me of Cuba at the time of the Special Period.
   The girl came three times a week, tinkling the piercing as if she were waving a Christmas tree. But I started eating a pulp or a steak baked in the oven from time to time. Until one afternoon the girl did not come but a boy shaved hair on both sides and a cap or pigtail in the occiput. He introduced himself with a large glass of pumpkin soup.
  _ Not this, please, I am already tired of the Caucasian diet, beltrana, and now sopana. Tell the girl to remove me as a business client.
  The boy shrugged his shoulders. He said:
  - Well crazy-that's how Uruguayan men are called among men.
    And he left.
  When I had an appointment with my diabetologist woman, I took her the analysis of glycosidated hemoglobin. And I showed her the notebook where I wrote down the daily blood glucose that I  make me gave me 6 times a day and the corresponding dose of Insulin. She do not look at the notebook, only the analysis and what it was for. She started to fight me out of herself like a crazy woman.
-Do you know, Doctor? Your  behavior has inspired me to write a story about you, of course, with another name.
  -Yes.-she said interested- And what will it be called?
  - A Harpy with a white coat.
  Do not let her answer me. I closed the door and left.

  Now I do not know who will prescribe me the insulin, the strips etc. But she will learn to treat patients with kindness. Of course, she is a leftist who studies in Cuba and treats Cubans from exile as trash.

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