Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mariela Castro Espin eating lobster with her friend


    Another publicity photo of the regime is circulating in the international media - not the Cubans - where the princess  in chief eating lobsters with some supposed friends. And the propaganda of the system says that President Diaz-Canel has succeeded in his Twitter and that he makes a "triumphant" view of the province of Guantánamo, reigning millenary factories, rediscovering the fertile valley of Caujerí, following in the footsteps of Martí, Maceo and Máximo Gomez-It does not sound familiar to you this voyage that another tyrant visited decades ago- And the cameras do not miss detail. 
   Knowing the Cuban system sociologically and psychologically means that now they are desperate because the end is near, to give a blow of anger to the opposition especially to the Cubans of the diaspora.
  They only resort to these methods when they want to exasperate their enemies, how good everything is and even how they eat lobster, forbidden the simple people to exasperate their enemies.
   The new generation is fed up with slavery and longs for freedom but they do not have the tradition or the true courage of our heroes of independence. Only escape from the country by any means or travel abroad to bring trinkets that all Cubans crave.
   And they have resorted to the figure of Fidel Castro because they have nothing new to say. Now that President Trump has hardened his position - something populist but effective - against the Cuban regime, they have revivered to a behavior of the old dictatorial systems: joy, good face and no fear. When intuitively they see how the left of Latin America falters.
    Brazil has been the first example. And the Cuban leaders now know that the end is near. All because it is natural with a young population that knows more about Democracy than previous generations but are afraid.
 .MARIELA CASTRO laughs eating lobster before the cameras for external consumption. But they are afraid, very afraid, more than ever, that the final collapse is approaching.
                                                            .Orlando Vicente Álvarez


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