Friday, November 30, 2018

Guantanamo: How to get a COUPLE by spiritual design.


    They were two friends who had reached their thirties without getting a husband. And that they went to dances, revelry and carnivals. But nothing. They were condemned to be "pa 'tias" forever.
    One was stuck in flesh, blonde but had a defect: she talked non-stop with that verbal incontinence with which they are born - she reminds me of Fidel Castro - but this did not stop until they silenced her with a gesture.
   The other was a beautiful mulatto woman, with a graceful body and straight hair but she lacked that not know what women have to have to attract a boyfriend or husband.
   They informed and went with a Babalao-leader of a religion brought from Africa that syncretized with the Catholic Church.
    They raised the problem. The Babalao, in exchange for two very large cocks and two bottles of rum, gave them a "job" they drank in order to get a husband.
   The girls went to a wooded area on the banks of the river Guaso. They had to take off the blúmer or bombacha they were wearing. Wash them in the water and let them be swept away by the current of the river.But they had not noticed a narrow path through the trees. When they were naked, when the blúmer had been thrown into the water, they heard a shouting of men who had seen them and were approaching libidinous, voracious and excited.
   The girls put on their pants quickly, scared, without blúmer, and ran terrified through the forest to a bus stop that was lost in the middle of the trees.Excited youth could not reach them.
    The Oricha was right. Not a husband but several potential males. They returned to their more calm homes.
    The plump blonde one day fell on the sidewalk on her knees and a handsome young man gently raised her. It was love at first sight. The girl was cured of her native verbiage, married the young man and had a daughter who spoke before her teeth came out, she crawled or ate solids.
    The brunette was ennobled with a black as two meters that made her scream with pleasure and the sounds were heard half a block That was a scandals of the good  wives and a joy to the men.
  And so the chronicle ended, which is true.
   There is no such thing as an Oricha to get married in Guantánamo.

                                                   DR   Orlando Vicente Álvarez



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