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  It is a peasant of Italian origin who leaves a very well-written intimate diary between her belongings two adults  childs- she looked like a graduate of Harvard English Literature - where she taught them about an adventure that her mother had at thirty-something -women can never keep a secret even after death- Both brothers had not raised well in the values of family and marriage. Both had problems with their respective partners.

   Based on a script by Richard LAGRAVANESE from the novel by Robert James Waller. And directed and acted by Clint Eastwood himself and co-starred by the stellar Maryl Streep, who lives in a separate farm half the world and where, unavoidable aspect: there were no neighbors snitches.

  The husband and the two children decide to go to a county fair and leave Vanesa Johnson alone in the house, making apple pies and sewing her old clothes. Until that appears Robert Kincaid, a photographer of much world that worked for National Geografic, portraying the covered bridges of Madison.

   The first glimpse of how women get wet at the sight of an attractive man we only know from the face of the actress when she saw Robert through the window washing her torso. In man it would be more evident with an erection that could not hide. He knew they were looking at him.

  Clinton could be her father. He was in the age of "titi mania" but he trusted in his charisma and his body as a great lover.

   Maryl STREEP using her actress techniques - she always has to make a gesture with her hand or use her face constantly, which is already tiring - she invites him to dinner.

   That night romance happens. She dresses in a floral dress and ends up seducing Robert who was not even a hair.They spent a night of very passionate love - I think that when there were no blue pills - but the romance of the moment conquered them both.

  The good thing was that Vanesa had not became pregnant. Overall, she had a half stupid husband.

  I am already in the final scene when they are in the trucks under a torrential rain. And Robert commits stupidity or sadism - being she next to her husband - of placing a chain or a rosary - or it would be a reminder of the family she could leave behind - Vanesa can not help but see him at the traffic light stop and squeezed with all his strength the handlebars of opening the door and running in the rain - these scenes always take place under a natural catastrophe to give more drama - for who knows what, grab a giant wrench and go in the rain to break the glass and hit him the head for coaxing her with an impossible love.

 But after a few seconds she gives up: the marriage, the children, the farm, the provincial life, the apple pies that signify original sin. etc.

  I do not remember the brands of the trucks: Robert's I think it was a Toyota, if that were Vanessa, she would not have resisted the Japanese market.

  She almost breaks the precarious handlebar with her right hand deciding: freedom with the beloved man or continuing to make apple pies in her kitchen.God knows what adventures the photographer would drag across the world. Vanesa was a peasant and was not there for those adventures.

   So running after Robert was for the imagination of women-and some men-so that the film had a happy or half-ending.

  At my side in the cinema I was accompanied by two ladies with their handkerchiefs to rinse the mucus and tears and squeeze them from time when on my pants, it seemed that I had urinated of emotion.For my part, I cried in torrents. To the point that a cinema security shouted if there were doctors present. Seven were presented. One said it was a heart attack, another who had acute ezquizoid bipolar depression syndrome, another who had an orthopnea from so much meowing. But it was only one of the Johns Hopkins Hospital that gave the accurate diagnosis --- specialist in proctology:

  -This patient has done his pants, do not feel the smell- Everyone came and pulled their heads away scared. The teacher who knew a lot told me.

  -Son. Go to the bathroom and clean yourself well. It is the emotion of the film when the woman throws the ashes of the photographer to the wind, your sphincters loosened. Nothing happens. Ahh And remember to first cleanse your face of tears and snot because the other way around it would seem that you come out of a horror movie with smells and everything.

  That became a funeral home when the hearse carries the dead man: Do not take him away! Do not take it! It seemed that everyone shouted in the final scene of the trucks.

  Maryl Streep ran her hand over her face-another of her characteristic movements as a good actress, to dry her tears.

 The truck of Robert twisted to the side and disappeared and there were the fantasies of Vanesa that could dream with Robert those days that they spent together.

   The husband, one who slept with her in the position of missionary and then turned in bed to sleep while Vanesa shed a tear recalling the intense days of passion that happened with the photographer seemed to sleep with an inflatable doll.

  The husband gave it to drink and soon died of fulminating cirrhosis.

United, they would never be happy. They were soulmates but their worlds were completely different.

Imagine Vanesa in Tahiti wearing an anti-shark suit helping Robert photograph the sharks and as a good mother remembering her children. Robert would carry the guilt. He was selfish.

  Meryl Sreep shook her head and scratched her right ear even though it was already moving alone.At the end Meryl Streep brings one of her famous apple pies to another woman who had committed adultery. I think that in the end they all belonged to the Jehovah Witness Sect and that act meant the exclusion of the congregation, something that the author of the novel kept silented about.

  And so ended one of the most romantic films of that decade, half a world crying, and Eastwood swelling his coffers with many millions, since he was the director and first actor.

                          Dr        Orlando Vicente Álvarez
cuban uruguayan,genius

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