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  When I was a young journalist recently received I was anxious to find the Great Report that would take me away from the anonymity of the recently graduated who nobody cares about.

  I asked a doctor specialized in psychiatry and he told me about a very special patient.I wrote the address in my notebook and decided, luckily, to meet a beautiful woman who underestimated her charm despite the fact that every afternoon she was placed in the window of the second floor where she lived to wait for some man to discover her and seduce her . But nothing, despite the many plastic surgeries that had been practiced on the face nothing changed.

   The men who drove by-and those were her main goal-shouted: "Mona Lisa" or "Ironing Board" and some, more daring dared to call her "Leonarda da Vincha" and she did not know why.

  I interviewed her and she began to tell me about her misery and that she was afraid to stay an old maid. And She cried and wept, as if in each tear a fault of the past was slipping.I interrupted her about it and she told me that she had never had a boyfriend or lover, that she knew nothing about sex and that she would go to the virgin grave like her late Aunt Alberta.

  I saw that with so little information I could not do a story or even a dramatic story. Time passed on.

   One afternoon I went through her residence and instead of seeing his silhouette I picked up a pair of high heels shoes and wide platforms on legs that hung from the bottom edge of the window. I decided to go up and Fernanda-her professional name-had changed her life. 

   She had gone to a warlock of the Umbanda who recommended that she not show her face but a pair of sexy shoes. And so she did. To the point that men queued to see the possessor of those shoes so sexual plus the adorable legs. So hot they were that they were not frightened of their peculiar face.

  Fernanda made a lot of money. A house was bought in a residential neighborhood and car with driver. She had a steady clientele of rich men who liked to lick her shoes and wore them nude in from a mirrow. The former spinster bought a collection of high-heeled studs for all tastes.

  And she did not have to peek out the window to be shouted "Mona Lisa" and so she was happy.

   Moral: a couple of shoes in the correct position on an open window can change the destiny of many spinter women or widows.

                                                 Dr   Orlando Vicente Alvarez
cuban uruguayan,genius

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