Thursday, February 28, 2019



   Three nights ago we were walking along the path a friend philosopher and me.Suddenly in the opposite direction comes a girl about 20 years old. Tall, curly blond hair and long, thin features, voluptuous breasts, a waist sheathed in a short denim shorts showing the cheeks of the rear and fabulous legs wel.

   l turned.She walked as if the path was a catwalk to show her charms. I was silent first, stunned by so much beauty in bloom. I came up with many Cuban compliments that here in Uruguay might be offensive.I turned when the girl passed by and from my lips came this gallantry:

  My God! IF YOU LOOK LIKE A SWEDISH MODEL. God spent all his wisdom in making you by hand! And He lost the orma!

  The girl smiled like the Monna Lisa and continued on her way to the beach.My friend stopped and rebuked me:

  -But how do you think to talk to a woman like that? Look that for less than that they accuse you of "Sexual Harassment" and they judge you.

  I justifying myself, saying:

  -Women will always want a respectful gallantry or an original compliment from the man. This raises her self-esteem and makes her feel sensual to man. The most she could scream was "Old Green man" but none of that happened. It is seen that the compliment praised her.

  -Good. You get in trouble for not following my advice. See that the famous Diva Mirtha Legrand made a meme in FB with her portrait of an old woman saying that she "Christopher Columbus had raped her at age 16" She did not flinch. And that she is a powerful woman

  .-You keep still reading the German philosopher Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl and his Transcendental Philosophy, that I will continue to admire female beauties although they call me an "old green man".

                        ORLANDO VICENTE ALVAREZ

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