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  Feminicide: Diana Russell, initial promoter of the concept, defined it as "the murder of women by men motivated by hatred, contempt, pleasure or sense of possession towards women"

   According to Russell, "femicide represents the extreme of a continuum of anti-female terror that includes a wide variety of verbal and physical abuse, such as rape, torture, sexual slavery (particularly prostitution), child sexual abuse, incest or extra sexual abuse. family, physical and emotional beatings. 

  "Several countries have included it as a crime in their criminal legislation, with variations in the criminal type. Since December 2018 the Dictionary of the Spanish language defines «feminicide» as the «murder of a woman at the hands of a man for machismo or misogyny».

  Now Mariela Castro tells the foreign press that the Cuban people are peaceful and that Feminicide is not given. She must still be eating lobsters with her friends at parties of dubious reason in Havana. And that of Feminicidio that it says to me that enough cases I observed while rotating by the specialty of Surgery and Pediatrics in Hospitals of the Province of Guantánamo.

  First of all, as a child, I remember suicides by self-incineration, almost always in revenge against unfaithful husbands or abusers. But already a doctor, I saw in the morgue a 16-year-old girl who had "caught fire with kerosene and gasoline" because the father did not let her have a boyfriend. With her fifteen-year-old dress she had not allowed the fire to burn her beautiful, youthful face.

  The other was a woman who wrapped herself in her wedding dress and lay down in the tub and soaked herself in gasoline and kerosene. The smell of roast pork spread around the block. When the husband approached work, the neighbors shouted at him -Fulano, so you're roasting a pig at home and you do not invite us. " The husband ran, suspicious, and found the picture.

  These acts were already a tradition in Cuba, of burning fire and going out running down the street, engulfed in flames. Heminway impressed for it describe it as "a act of faith" I dont know what he wants to mean.  I do not know if they still happen. The press as always: silence.   They were not human beings.

  I remember a case of a young woman brought on a stretcher by her relatives with both forearms hanging only by the skin. She had already bled out and was dead. Her sister with the scalp cut back with the cap or tuft of hair gathered in a ribbon to see if the surgeons attached it again to the lady, who looked like a doll mistreated by herchild but was her husband.All with a terrible weapon: the Cuban machete.

  The two cases of homicide were with the niece of a neighbor whom we called "Niña" married to a policeman. Tired of the mistreatment of the spouse, she snatched the gun from his and shot him in the head and then committed suicide. He survived and then the mother kept the mourning of black and white for the loss of her daughter.

  But the most terrible case I witnessed in the Pediatric Hospital Agustino Neto de Gtmo was that of a 3-year-old black girl. This baby was beheaded in a "voodoo ritual" or something similar and thrown in a reed that was set on fire. I saw the infant in the morgue with a green baton and all burned prepared to deliver her to the relatives. As always, the press or the radio silenced these shocking acts.When 

   A woman one day discobered her stepfather give  her litle baby his penis embarrasment in sweet milk. The baby suffers of stomac disorderand the pediatrician didnt fond the cause,the mother of the baby take a machete a decapitated the man in the act. The woman had to go the jail, all the neightboor hood. The press silent althougt all the town talk of that case defending the woman.  

  I was studying medicine, men were given a compulsory subject every Tuesday of the week: Military Preparation, because the northern empire was about to attack us. The military professors, of low academic level, read us the manual of the war: in him the peredastía was condemned. I asked the officer for explanations asking what it was. He told me: when in the troops two men are discovered and one gives theass. I looked in the dictionary and discovered that it meant "the sexual abuse of a minor either boy or girl.The manual that instructed us to confront the enemy confused pedophilia with adult homosexuality. So smart were those who wrote the war manuals.

  At the Pedro Agustín Pérez Pediatric Hospital, a small child died, his rectum destroyed by a pedophile. The silent doctors, even those of the PCC. There was no need to divulge the news but the "Voz Populi" made the best means of communication but no one complained.

  Recently a neighbor of mine, a good mechanic and who lived alone, invited a friend to spend a few days at his house. In the night, he went out to the street bleeding, with several stabs on his body. My nephew and the chairman of the committee tried to help but it was too late. And the news: nothing.

  Thus, all of the cases of infanticide and femicide that occurred  silenced as Mariela Castro says: the Cuban people are peaceful, there are no acts of feminicide in Cuba.  Of course, if the press can not inform 

   Of course, if the press can report how in other countries of these events and women are grouped to raise awareness of the whole issue, make mass protests to where consenting men join them and it seems that femicide and pedophilia are more frequent in democratic countries. And Cuba is silent.

   The Federation of Cuban Women accomplice. And all the government, the media and others, it would seem that Cuba is only a paradise for prostitution that is also another form of Feminicide. 

  Mariela Castro, do not lie to the world  that nobody believes you anymore. You do not have a husband who hits you, rather, you mistreat him.

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