Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cuba: Argentina: where does the latin american left keep the fortune that have steales to the people.


  I just saw the video of Cristina de Kirchner and I was almost touched by the story - very technical and elaborated - that makes to her beloved daughter. Victim of judicial harassment and the press.

  The poor girl had made several trips to Cuba and as she was very sensitive she saw the suffering of the Cuban people, she who came from a democratic country, she was touched.

  Years later Father Kirchner dies leaving her an immense fortune that did not give much importance to her mother as President.

   Now with Macri has been investigated. It turns out that the young woman goes into a crisis of panic and fear, lest they investigate her also for theft. She was not used to having so much money that she knew was stolen by her parents-she had an account in the Bank of Galicia of 4 million dollars, she only worked for one year. 

   That's when the neurosis began, but she was able to travel to Cuba several times, without being disturbed by flying.In love with the Cinema and not with the judges who would investigate her, a plane was taken to Havana-here the fear of being seated for a long time did not make her desist from the trip.

  The Psychiatrists of Cuba are the best in the world but ask a dissident who only for exercising their right to express themself ends up in a psychiatric hospital, but not the luxurious ones where the daughter of Cristina Kishner will go but to a highborn shrink.

  There, after seven convulsive electrostatic treatments, she was left as a ballerina of classical ballet, walking on tiptoe. Of course, first she will be asked to say the number of the Cuban international bank's account: dollars for the hierarchs of the regime.

  Now we learn where all the leaders of the world left keep their fortunes because in another country the US would soon know it.

   Poor girl Victim of the fortune of her parents that she did not want but she feared more to the justice that stepped on her feet. Hence her nervous disorders and the problems of her legs.

  And the mother, with a waterfall, to run to Cuba. Who knows if to see her daughter - I do not know how she did not know before the trip - or to change the account number of the millions she stole.

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