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MARILYN MONROE: THE GODDES DIES YOUNG. Rest easy and may God forgive those who hurt you. You do not have to forgive. You were pure as your beauty. Part.


    Marilyn Monroe beauty turned into sensuality and pure femininity appealed to the basics of man: his sexual instinct stronger than ever immemorial impelled procreation.
   Owner of an unequaled beauty, very white skin, platinum hair, curvaceous body and molded legs, all she had to do was look at the camera, narrow her eyelids - where the effect of the barbiturates was already wreaking havoc, show the birth of her breasts and overtake a shoulder with a thin strap of her dress to create the rapture.
  It was the erotic fantasy of adolescence and youth of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Her iconic face inspired several artists of the 60s and 70s as the famous creator of Pop Art, Andy Warton who immortalized it in a series of serigraphs that were quoted at the price of gold in the New York galleries.
   Her early death by overdose of barbiturates gave rise to the legend and myth of the beautiful immortals of the West.
  Her death is still controversial. It is that even after death your memory makes hundreds of dollars to the cause of death: suspicions, political conspiracies and I do not know how many things.
  What I know is that the simple Marilyn just wanted to die and locked herself in her room and picked up the phone. Actor Lawrence Oliver said she wanted to call God but there was no response.
  She starred in several movies where she successfully took advantage of her sex appeal but her quality as an actress was questioned. Although in recent years she took classes in the famous Actor Studio and there she learned acting techniques in the style of the master Stalinasky.
   But it was not enough, and her figure was recorded in the subconscious as a sensual woman and whose innocence and frivolity was taken advantage of by others.
  Someone said: to be frivolous you have to have a lot of talent.
   She sang songs like Diamonds are the girl best friend and she sang to President Kennedy his famous Happy Birthday.That was a scandal for some of her enemigs..
    To know more about her biography there are multiple books, with falsehoods, conspiracy theories, of her sad childhood life. Several films about her have tried to interpret the essence of Marilyn but none succeeded.
   She died on August 5, 1962 in Los Angeles. Former baseball player Joe De Magio took care of her ashes that rest in a cemetery in the same city with a simple tombstone.
   Goddesses always die young. The case of Marilyn Monroe whose image turned into an icon has gained more popularity than ever. Neither Madonna has been able to eclipse it although a video makes of Marilyn dancing, with a similar dress and the jewels that she loved.
   Rest easy and may God forgive those who hurt you. You do not have to forgive. 
   You were pure as your beauty.

                               DR        ORLANDO VICENTE ÁLVAREZ

                                         -Continued 5th Part-

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