Thursday, October 25, 2018



   The daughter of Raul Castro, a member of the Cuban parliament, said on Cuban national TV yesterday that Gloria would not succeed as a singer in Cuba, because "she does not have sandunga"
   Wounded by Stefan's statements that he would not sing in Cuba while it was not free, the town had the same right as foreign tourists and less in front of the Che Guevara sculpture.
  Let me tell you that when we were in Cuba we exchanged Gloria's cassettes to listen to her on birthdays, weddings or bithday of 15 of the young people.
  I think Mariela is based on the racial prejudices that still survive in Cuba where the Afro-descendant population tends more to enjoy the music "sandunguera" and this is nothing but bottled racism because Gloria loves everyone to dance and listen. His song "Conga" made half the world dance.
   She can talk what she wants because there is no one to reply to her- Ahh, it's the president's daughter behind the scenes.
  My mother when she came to Uruguay on vacation, one of the first things she asked me -Get me a CD from Celia Cruz, - and my mother is the daughter of emigrant Galicians and in so many decades of Revolution she had not forgotten the Guarachera de Cuba that always she denied returning to Cuba in her exile.
   Mariela Castro was wrong in her statement about Gloria which has helped to spread the Cuban rhythms around the world more successfully than any Cuban singer on the island. Silvio Rodríguez, Cuba's official singer will have Sandunga.
 She knows nothing about music or Cuban roots for an emigrant. She only sits in his office to present herself as a new face initiator of cultural and social changes.
  Shut up Mariela and leave another Cuban more exalted than you to sing to the world: "My land and Cuba libre".
   As one of her songs says:
  -The earth hurts you!
Because you are not really interested and you are divorced from the experiences of the Cuban people.


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