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   Starting when I was a child and the revolution triumphed, Fidel and his henchmen shot thousands of Batista in unsubstantiated trials where only the pointing of the witnesses with a wave of the hand was missing, and without hesitation, they went straight to the wall.
  After a famous case that still remains in the mystery: the death of Camilo Cienfuegos in a supposed air accident whose remains of the aircraft were never found. There is a story that when Camilo returned I think that from Camagüey after a discussion with Huber Matos, he returns to Havana and he poses the reasoning of Huber to the Castro and Vilma Espín. Result: when the discussion was at its height Vilma took out her pistol and shot death to good Camilo, deceived by the path Castro took towards the communist.
  Since then he became a hero and forced the children to throw a flower in memory of Camilo, which Fidel continued to do with his later victims. And I was crazy to join the parade with my other first grade classmates but my dad, firm, would not let me.
   Eduardo Dorticos was also shot in the head, a puppet president who Fidel placed before the people, deceiving him before establishing the communist regime.
  Then it was the turn of Aidee Santamaría, left aside and relaxed to silence and who discreetly supported the new artists like the singer Pablo Milanes and others. She shots her head.
  What Che Guevara. It is not known if it was the Argentine commander's decision to take the revolution to other Latin American towns or if Castro encouraged him, with his intelligent Machiavellian manipulation, to take it out of the way. We even read the last letter of Che addressed to Fidel in each school -we did not understand anything- and in other areas.
  The fallen in Angola and Ethiopia is an example of the bloodthirsty spirit and savior of the oppressed as they wanted to be remembered. Years later, when his adventures in Africa were over, he made well-uniformed militiamen with brave faces march with the aluminum boxes in their arms and some coffins in cars with Cuban flags. If this is not direct interference in the internal affairs of other countries that Castro, Chávez and Maduro both proclaimed and asked, I do not understand anything about politics.
  I was in the maritime city of Baracoa north of Guantanamo and I told my wife to see the parade where I did not participate but it blocked the traffic of my car: - Instead of the phrase "glory for the internationalists" I should teach you a fist of insult-as used in the USA-and throw an expletive at the crowd that participated as sheep to that show.
  The last death by suicide was the Fidelito, son of Castro's first marriage, depressed, without power, eliminated his self-esteem by a father who did not show love towards his children, Fidelito went quietly. The news was just a comment on the Cuban newscast. They did not want the people to ask themselves: Why?
   The son of Dr. Hilda Molina, asylum in Argentina, with his wife of the same nationality gave an interview on the program of the Diva Susana Giménez. He had a nervous twitch on his eyelids, a trembling voice and hesitated all the time. This is due to the fear of the Cuban KGB and the trauma of the Cuban exile who has his own mother confined at home in Havana, only in the company of the Church and the Virgin of Charity of the Copper.
  The same Hilda Molina last Sunday gave an interview to CNN driver Longobardi. An old wrinkled woman was appreciated but with solid and intelligent arguments, but with a cascading and trembling voice. She said that she had made the profile of Fidel Castro while in Cuba and that she had been able to get the notebooks out of the country when finally in the Rauliana era they freed her to join her son and grandson.
  She said that Fidel was a psychotic-sociopath, intelligent and soulless and manipulative. If he had done good with that intelligence, Cuba would be one of the most important countries in the world. And that he used this throughout his life as we  were  slaves.
  The case of Ochoa and his three companions was an example of how he cleaned his face to present himself to the world as if the Castro brothers had nothing to do with drug trafficking. For the accusation he used the full state council, which full of fear, condemned the accused to death. Then he awarded the accusing prosecutor, devouring raptor, with a position in the congress, until years later he ended up excusing himself from public life, apparently regretting how they had used him.
  Castro absorbed the vital energy of his subordinates like a legendary vampire who takes the blood of his victims and then, when they had faithfully served him for a time, beheaded them and sent them to a distant place on the island, no longer with peace or pride. man, head down and silenced forever.
    This afternoon I was going to the Hospital's lab to look for an analysis of Glicemia-Hemoglobi because of my insulin-dependent diabetes and suddenly I saw an old man with Fidel's features, his gray beard, the Galician profile and against, an olive green cap. I thought that I was hallucinating in a precocious senile dementia or that it was the ghost of Fidel that was chasing me. I reacted and shouted for everyone to hear:
 - No problem, the old man replied. The old man disappeared into one of the detention rooms.

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