Tuesday, April 2, 2019



   Aggiornamento or adapting to the culture, idiosyncrasy or education of a people is a strategy taken from the Second Vatican Council to embed the gospel to new cultures, well known by the empires-starting with English-but it was Fidel Castro and Che Guevara- Raúl It was too gross to understand these methods of inculturation of a people and form a new generation, with another ideology, another doctrine incomprehensible to the new youth, and false hopes of a "bright future" to follow the new guidelines of the new leadership imposed on the poor man. 

  But this time they take out all references to Christianity.

  Of course, the "new man" of Che Guevara did not work. Now we must see a youth disappointed by the false promises of the leaders and only worried about surviving taking advantage of any loophole left by the authorities to traffic clothing, appliances and shoes from the capitalist area-read USA. And prostitution in Havana, both female and male, is one of the greatest magnets to attract foreign tourists. 

  Poor Revolutionary youth who is only obsessed with emigrating even to Haiti. Thing that leaves the new rulers calm, of course, as long as they do not reveal themselves ...

   Now they come with the Misión Corazón Adentro Mission- HEART INSIDE- in the poor neighborhoods of Venezuela - I do not think they include the indigenous population of the jungle that would scare the Cubans and their new culture with a clean crush.

  Maduro has already frightened the great middle class of the country, because it was the best prepared to discover the new form of indoctrination. The poor remain, tired of going hungry, of blackouts, of murders when a brave group reveals itself. The upper class - most of the new rich people of the government and the army who have stolen large sums of dollars from the people, call petrodollars or valuable minerals, is calm, because they believe that Maduro will be eternal like all dictators, but take Fidel as an example, Raúl, and now the fool of President Diaz-Canel and his spokesman to the leftist world Gabriela Castro.

   The mission Culture Within one of its objectives is "to teach, to help the communities of Venezuela to discover their own culture, talents and artistic skills, to share their life and their art with the Bolivarian people, one America"

  In other words, they do not settle for Venezuela but "All America" another form of leftist imperialism.

  It  is perfectly clear what this Cuban approach tends to say-developed by the "Think Tank" of the Castro government. Interference not only military in another country but to prepare the people - without an alternative information - to assimilate Chavista concepts, fidelistas, with a pinch of Bolivar who died about 1000 years ago, and perhaps a bit of the brazen Marxist-Leninist doctrine. And thus educate and "culturalize" the new Venezuelan man so that he falls asleep for decades in the Utopia of XXI Century Socialism.

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