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    I wanted to tell something that happened to me when I lived in Montevideo, only in an old house, with marble stairs in the Hall and furniture style, which I rented from an old patient who owns a real estate agency and could not sell home.

   It had been a hostel for nuns and then, for its extensive living-room in a dance school for girls. The big house was almost 100 years old and a special piece next to the interior garden with walls of glass carved in frames of precious woods, full of natural light, special for studying orthopedics and general medicine.

  I slept in the second room to the left of the access to the house. There was an antique cabinet with three doors and mirrors inside each door. I went to the clinic at 9:00 am with a jacket and tie while I saved enough money at the bank to bring my two children and wife from Cuba.

  I missed a large blue comb with a handle and separate teeth that combed my hair properly. I looked for it everywhere, inside the drawers of the old closet, in the old chest of drawers and so everywhere. But the comb had disappeared and with the passage of time I bought another, smaller and black. No one has ever the house.

  One Saturday morning when I did not open the clinic, I slept until 10 or 11 in the morning. I fell into that state where you do not know if you are sleeping or you are almost awake. The state of "penumbra" -shadow-as it is called when one sleeps too much.

  Suddenly I felt that I was detaching myself from my body and that I ascended to the ceiling of the room that was high-stanchion. I saw from above my sleeping body and surprise: I saw the comb lost in a corner of the ceiling of the great closet.

  Making an effort I went down and returned to my body and quickly I stood on tiptoe and dragged an object that was nothing less than the lost comb.

  I was surprised of the experience. According to my medical studies these things can happen in Minutes of Apnea - lack of breath - or simply were the preambles of death when the soul or spirit leaves the body.I swear I did not do drugs or smoke marijuana, I just smoked normal cigarettes.

   This experience scared me. I went with the priest from my nearby parish and asked for an interview with the priest and I told him what it could be:

  - Maybe you were preparing to die and the soul was detached from the body or was simply a hallucination as happens to everyone.

  -"And the comb, Father, how did I find out that it was there?

  The priest was slow to respond:

  -I do not know how to answer that event. God has his mysteries.

  I went home and put the blue comb in a drawer in the big closet. Whatever it is, some phenomenon had happened that I will never forget.

   Now it's been about two decades of the process. I am a liberal Catholic who does not believe in superstitions as the Jesuits taught me.I still have the comb. I did not use it anymore to remember the experience that was never repeated, because I had not drunk alcohol or sleeping medicine but I was alone, very lonely.

   I have never told that experience to anyone else. I was thinking about taking it to the grave, but I have little life left and I wanted to explain it before.

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