Monday, April 15, 2019



  In psychiatric terms, there is a language disorder called ECOLALIA.

  Well, our Castroist princess Mariela Castro Espin suffers from this symptom, even if you call it Castrolalia or Castro filia-which is more serious because it is genetic.

  Following the kidnapping of the two doctors in Kenya by a Somali jihadist group Al Shavah, the Cuban spokewoman did not hesitate to award the kidnapping to Imperialism of the North. 

  She did not give the right to doubt that such an armed group did so in exchange for dollars to buy weapons or for simple ambition for money.

    Cubans are already related to these phrases. For that reason one of the first steps of the Castrismo was to create the Myth of the Enemy since the revolution triumphed. They blamed him for all the internal failures-until the death of the famous White Cow.

  The case of the Elián rafter was a quite a show well orchestrated by Fidel and his adulterers. They even erected a statue and used José Martí with a child in front of the US embassy to strengthen the struggle and national sovereignty against the empire. 

  The child must have suffered an emotional trauma with so much hustle and bustle, they used their father - the mother had died on the way to Miami - to claim the boy. The United States knew of Elián's rights claimed by his father. And without fuss and well armed, the boy was taken from his exiled Cuban relatives and handed over to Cuba. Fidel, of course, did not appreciate the gesture of the Empire.

  Now they worry a lot about the poor kidnapped doctors who were in dangerous locations but who, by bringing a handful of dollars, were willing to risk their lives.We all know how for each Cuban doctor or instructor Cuba is left with a large slice that the poor country, generally African, pays to the Cuban government, without that influx of foreign currency the hierarchs and the Cuban army are drowned.

  Now they are negotiating with the people of the Aleutian Islands to send doctors who adapt to the freezing cold and set up an office in the Igloos in exchange for single polar bear meat whose meat is more nutritious than beef, according to General Frias.

  Mariela Castro Espín does not form, please, another show with these "internationalist" doctors who may be better off with the kidnappers: prisoners but without the surveillance of MININT, which we know is everywhere.And leave the Castrolalia that the people-waiting for any opportunity to escape from the socialist paradise-are already tired. 

  You seem like a beginner in politics. All the left of the world, which every day is less, is the only one that is exalted by your statements.

  Ahh I forgot: release the money requested by the jihadists. It is the fastest way for them to be released. Remember the merchant ships that sailed through Somalia were kidnapped by hungry morenos, the crew: the countries paid until the Empire had to intervene and the kidnappings were over.

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