Monday, April 15, 2019



 Today I caught the attention of propaganda posters attached to all the cristals of the 17 windows that the bureaucratic staff has to attend to the public of the Maldonado Hospital.

  First of all, I want to tell you that I live in a democratic country 25 years ago, with Uruguayan nationality and that I have already voted for my favorite party twice, so I am not surprised by the posters or the leaflets everywhere when an election is approaching or referendum.

  The posters I saw were for a leftist candidate G. G. whose slogan read "Change the Head". But how, we had gone back to the seventeenth century when the French revolution inaugurated the guillotine to cut heads right and left - Castro reminds me to cut the head to anyone who no longer served him - and now this lady of the left party whose name is not  fair to mention that you could not think of another phrase about "a washing of a cherry or you will lose your head" but I am enthroned in power.

  I went to one of the windows-the only one that catered to the public on the first day of Holy Week-and I told her, after telling me that the laboratory was closed for a week:

   - Could not you be so kind to give me a turn with G.G?. I need it.

  -With whom? What Doctor is that?

  -That  is in all the posters right here on the glass of your office. I feel that I have to change my mind, because mine is getting sicker and sicker. And as the political lady says to change the head ...

  -I do not know what you're talking about. If she is not a doctor, go to the hospital director.

 .-But how do you put political posters everywhere and you have not noticed which one you will vote for?

  -That's none of my business. And leave me alone with your jokes that I'm not for that now.

   I retired quickly from the window and went to the pharmacy. A lady no longer young attended to the public. I noticed that among the many posters that presented the Cedula, the recipes and others that were repeated there was no space left to place another poster of the candidate for a high political position. She gave me the medications but finally I could not contain my verbiage:

  - Could you please give me a dose of G.G-I mencioned. the name of the politicician-?

  -What medication is that? I never heard it!

  -It is the policy that propagandizes throughout the hospital, even knowing that it is a neutral territory, apolitical and can not take advantage of the naivety of so many elderly ...

  -Ahh ... I do not know. I do not get involved in politics, besides, I am from the B ... -other Party- and I do not vote for the above mentioned.

  -"Thank you very much, pale, for being so understanding.And I left the hospital. I saw a large sign outside claiming better salaries for the administrative person and I took pity on them.

  I left the hospital and almost fell on top of two ladies sitting under a tree:"Jehovah's witness?"- I ask.

  -Well, yes-they said proudly-do you want any of these magazines?

  I excused myself quickly. Even the Witnesses use their methods of proselytizing as knowing that they know everything and that the final hecatomb will be almost  tomorrow.

  I went calm for my house. With my head well placed on my shoulders and my mind free, free, of no dogma except the one my aunt Gladys taught me about Roman Catholicism.

  But living in a democracy that my country of origin does not know yet.

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