Monday, December 17, 2018

The last ·fouettés" of Raul Castro: receiving brazilian doctors in Habana



  FOUTTÉS: in the Ballet is one of the most artistic and ancient movements of dance. The dancer raises one leg, twists it and turns on one foot as many times as he can.

     Raúl Castro practiced his last Fouttés before the cameras when he received the doctors from Brazil. With white coats and all, and flying a Cuban flag.

   It is not the first time that Castro's governors receive as victors the Cuban poor who obsessed to return to their land accept anything.

   It reminds me of the time of the island of Granada, where builders could not stop the American enemy, All Cuba was in effervescence for the poor Cubans, taken as prisoners while 5 of them - the bosses - was closed in the face of the embassy door Soviet"They immolated themselves for the country" was the slogan that radio and television repeated constantly. There was no Cuban who did not cry at that phrase.

    Manipulating the failure of the glorious group of Cubans who were humiliated before the empire.
   Tortoló the maximum leader of the Cubans in Granada had him stripped of his military uniform and descend through the hatch smiling but wearing sports clothes. He already knew what awaited him for not sacrificing "for the country." He was soon forgotten, it is not known where he was sent.

   Then all the humiliated soldiers and with them the castros in their expansionist desires made them go to Africa as private soldiers to fight and win the merits in battle, while the top leaders of the regime remained in their mansions with swimming pools and sending many young people to die.

   It was the interference in the internal affairs of Angola and Ethiopia.Years later, in a well-rehearsed parade, low-ranking officers paraded with the remains of the fallen soldiers in Africa. Hieratic faces. As if they were loading a recently discovered treasure. Something very well rehearsed with official speech in each province and everything. A fake show that witnessed the town in silence but could not deceive anyone.

   It was another of the government Fouttés. Make people believe something different from the truth.
   Now Raul performs the last show with the doctors from Brazil, who while they let them bring the things they had bought in the capitalist society that the castros rejected so much - they did not go through those deficiencies in their opulent life and their different mansions - they were encouraged to return also by family ties-children, spouses, parents, and others-there was no alternative but to return.

    Now it seems that Raul has to make another Fouetté.

    Here, Mexico and its president, López Obrador, are the protagonists.

   And so continue to exploit the trafficking of human flesh in exchange for influences and large sums of dollars.

    So Raul may have some Fouettés to continue deceiving the world and especially the Cuban people who can not take it anymore, not even a "Piroutte" with the worn phrase of "Proletarian Internationalism" that is already in disused. 

  With so many turns on one foot the question is that it does not advance a step towards the future.
   Sharon Wehner danced "32 Fouettés" in Swan Lake, world record.

                           Dr    Orlando Vicente Álvarez
cuban uruguayan,genius

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