Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cuba: New theory on the disappearrance of Dinosasaurs.



  New research on the excess of cattle and sheep and the emission of methane gas would cause the disappearance of the ozone layer at the end of the 21st. century.

   But a new theory about the disappearance of dinosaurs about 65 million years ago have revealed a new aspect about the life of the giant animals.

    The Anphicoales, the T-rex, the Brontosaurus, etc. they were giants that swarmed the earth and were on top of the food chain.

    Imagine the gases that were thrown away, like atomic bombs.One alone erosionaded about 7 hectars of woods.
   Massively and for centuries, were using the methane  of their emissions for dissaparience the ozone layers of Antarctic and the Arctic.
   Thus, the ultraviolet rays whose barrier - the ozone layer - fell on the earth and the first mammals disappeared, the plants from which the boilers were fed and so on.
   The earth was depopulated of every creature except the cockroaches from which the human race evolved.
  So forget the giant asteroid that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico until a new generation of scientists head to break the great mystery of the disappearance of the dinosaurs and leave the calm cows appear here in the Southern Cone people of America can not survive without a rich weekly barbecue.

  Note: any resemblance to the members of the Cuban State Council, whose gases are ambrosia for their sycophantic underlings, is not purely coincidental

                                                                  .Orlando Vicente Álvarez.

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