Sunday, December 16, 2018

Abel Prieto, Christmas and the Purchase of guns in the USA


   It turns out that now this subaltern of the communist elite of Cuba remembers Christmas.He did not raise his voice when Fidel prohibited them and eliminated all references to the birth of Christ, after forbidding the bible in all the bookstores and even the provincial libraries.

   Now he resorts to the figure of Christ who expelled the merchants from the temple, when Castro expelled from Cuba every priest and foreign nun. He forbade all teaching about Christianity in private schools and imposed a regime of atheism, importing foreign ideologies such as Marxism-Leninism and the Christmas trees disappeared even from store adornment as Castro considered them a sacrilege to the ideology he imposed for the force the people.

   Now you have become a Christian Abel Prieto? Or is it that the cult of the image of the empire of the north returned now that the ropes are tightened around Cuba by a new president?

  You are an intelligent and wise man but you are not with your people who did not choose you for the numerous positions that you have exercised throughout your career with the maximum figures of the island. 

   Or is it that your head is in danger? Or does it no longer serve the boss faithfully?

   In the US the debate is about whether to carry weapons or not and there are strict measures to deliver them to the people. That is freedom of expression and democracy, imperfect, but more democracy than in Cuba.

   Why have they never given weapons, even a small one, to the Cuban people? Only the police and the army have it. For they have always known that a people armed by itself is a threat to the communist regime, in search of freedom.

  And regarding the consumerism of Christmas is a worldwide phenomenon that Pope Francis has also condemned. It is inherent in developed societies where capital rules. But there will always be families in the US and Cuba that Christmas is an event of family unity, it is almost a tradition that even in Japan, Shinto apart, celebrate.

   And do you know where those cheap, multicultural, flashy toys and even weapons of all caliber come from? Of your cousins of China who fill all the markets of America not thinking of the consumerism they produce but in the profits, Yes, dear, the Chinese have surpassed the United States in the desperate trade of TOYSs and allegories to Christmas. Why do not you condemn them? Well, simply because the Cuban government receives crumbs from the Asian and the other master does not have to ask moral or mention the merchants of the Temple, it is dangerous.

   You, the followers of the Castros, are forbidden to have this Christian celebration. They only have to celebrate the birth of Martí - poor apostle for taking him in his communist festivities- and that of the Dictator FIDEL CASGTRO with hundred of tourist visiting his mousel and grap dollar from their.

                                                                     Orlando Vicente Álvarez

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