Friday, December 21, 2018



   A few days ago I talked on the phone with my mother.

  -Mom. Four nights ago I only dream about you.

   I screamed at her, because there was a noise around my Mom.

   - I'm sleeping well son, all night like a log.

    -Mom, where are you now?

  - At home, my precious.

    .-But in what part of the house?

    - In the corridor. The business of your brother's pizzas is going well and I am gossiping about cholesterol with my neighbors.

   .- Enter the room because I can not hear you well ...

  Good.I waited a few seconds and then her voice became clearer.

  -And how are you, my baby?

  - Mom, I'm 60 years old!..

    -For me you're still my baby.

   .- And how are you doing? - I asked.

   - Well I'll tell you that I recently did all kinds of analysis and I'm barbaric, the famous bad cholesterol is fine. Sure, first I brought a basket with rice, beans, oil and a raisin cake to my doctor, who was very happy, then he told me that I would live like 100 years.

  -And what is wrong with the bad collector?

  - Son, here among us, I believe that the Ministry of Health sent a communication to all the doctors of the country who in all the analyzes have to tell the patients the bad Cholesterol is high. That's why meat, fats, are forbidden. That talked to my neighbors and cousins ...

   -But how is that? Is it a government strategy to get rid of the elderly who are every day the majority in the country?

  -I do not know, my son. We also suspect a virus that will have been manufactured in genetic engineering laboratories in Havana and spread throughout the country. So doctors do not recommend eating beef or pork. Even the chicken has disappeared, only in the Shopping ... 

 My cousin Paquita, her sister Coqueta and Blanche, the black manicure that bought the house of the Armendáris with the dollars that the brother sent her from Australia, told me that their bad cholesterol is for the clouds.

  .-Good. Mom, you already know or suspect the mystery. You know, when you go to the doctor, always take a gift from the Shopping. He'll be honest with you and give you a lot of hope.

  -Yes son ... And follow me sending dollars for Western Union, so with little alive my old age as a Queen and I forget high cholesterol.

 .-Kiss , my dear Mama.

                                                       Orlando Vicente Álvarezño-guantanamero-Guantanamero-Spanish/dp/1520725884

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