Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Chavian: first woman cuban who whiters a new kind of Fiction Science


  In 1991, I was a frequent reader and buyer of the main library in Guantánamo. I found a recently published book.
   It was a storybook, the main and most moving, entitled the cover: THE ABBREVIATION OF DINOSAURS. I made a brief reading of the homonymous story and was surprised. It was a mixture of ancient myths, antediluvian animals and the secret meaning that the author wanted to give to the whole book.I bought it and I went to digest it at home.
   DAINA CHAVIANO-1957- was the writer, unknown to me, but in which she discovered a new way of working Science Fiction. Then I found out that she had fled to the United States and I lost her trail.
   Her book was removed from the library and the provincial library. I could not believe that a new Cuban writer would handle science fiction in a different way than Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and others wrote.
   The Dinosaur Trough resembles the ancient Greek-Roman myth of Cronus. Cronos and his sister-wife Rea (who in Roman mythology is associated with the goddess Ops) fathered six of the 12 gods and goddesses of Olympus. However, Cronos, jealous of his children and distrusting that they did with him what he did with his father, he was eating them as they were born.
   In the story is a dinosaur or dinosauria - the mother earth or the supreme goddess of man - who devoured their children as they were born.Mythology transferred to the present or a suggestion to the Castro regime that devoured the devout people in case anyone wanted to replace it when they grew up and noticed their cruelty.I dont know.
    The author may have the key to what she wrote the book. But it left an indelible mark on me, a lover of science fiction too.
   Here in exile searching and searching I learn that the Chaviano has an extensive work after her departure from Cuba and has received multiple awards for her books in which she continues to use a mixture of ancient myths, mainly Caribbean or Cuban, with a fine lyricism to sometimes, eroticism and the absurd.
    I recommend the book that awakened my imagination in Cuba, back in the early 90's.
                                                       .DR. Orlando Vicente Álvarez. Uruguay


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