Sunday, December 23, 2018



   I remember that in the last congresses of the Communist Party held in Cuba, they had removed the images of Karl Marx and Lenin to the right of the stage curtain.
  They had not consulted with the people on the change of course, if they had at least placed the image of José Martí, one could believe in a change before the devastation of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
   A small change, but one that gave hope to the few who thought of the future of the country towards a path already proven by history as a failure or as Pope John Paul II said "Communism is an anthropological aberration" in his famous encyclical Rerun Novarun.
   Now with all the propaganda they have besieged the people without any alternative information about the New Magna Carta. And at the last minute they eliminated gay marriage "By popular pressure"
     And the people have not made almost changes to the new constitution with whose contest has already been read and discussed by millions of Cubans, without a clarification on the right to dissent, to say without violence the new constitution. No ... It was already in the plans of the hierarchs and the national assembly that everything that was put in the constitution, with apparent discussion of the people and all those lies to which they are accustomed, would be approved by almost 100% of the citizens.
   And the crazy population to leave the country. And even here in exile they still have the fear of speaking ill of the Cuban system because fear is deeply rooted in their minds from the CDR to the highest spheres of MININT.
  Now they say that they are going to use the technological advances of Capitalism-social networks- to defend the oppressive system and the Cuban exiles are afraid that if they support a story about torture, arbitrary arrests or abuse of human rights, do not let them enter. view of his beloved island.
   That is why I urge the Cuban exiles and those of the island not to be afraid and counterattack by all means of social connection, the opprobrious regime that rules the island, especially now that they are afraid of a president who has no hair on the mouth to brand the Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan system as "fascist banana systems"

                                                     Orlando Vicente Álvarez

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