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   First of all I will say that sexual love has no age since youth for women and men ...
The story that I am going to tell you is real. It was told me by the same protagonist who is a friend for some years.

   The lawyer peered through the mists of cigarette smoke and saw an aging Lady staring at him. She was flirtatious, with her hair curled up to her shoulders and discreetly made up. The look that almost winked at him .He did not admit doubts.
  The lawyer responded by raising his glass with whiskey black label and she followed it raising hers with something that looked like an orangeade.
  Without further ado the Lady approached his side and said in a slightly cascading yet seductive voice:
  -I'm Rosenda. I've been watching you since you entered the premises.
  - I am Mr. X and you have also called my attention, especially your smile. You're not-and forgive me the question-one that is looking for young men paying money for at least something warm their bed for a night.
   Rosenda smiled mischievously.
    - Sometimes I had to do it to some handsome gigolo whose power of erection depends on the money that I pay him. I'm sure, according to my experience with men that you are not one of them, you are vulnerable and lack of affection, or I'm wrong.
  The lawyer hesitated for a moment in response, he was not sure. He told her that he had been divorced for a month. That his ex had caught him having sex with girls in his office - with photos and everything - and she asked for a divorce. He could only stay for himself with a house with a garden, a lot to sell and his luxury car. The child they had in common was in joint custody.
   And now he was alone. He was not exactly looking for a sexual partner. The trauma of divorce had not yet overcome.
  - To tell you the truth, it would be the first time that a lady much older than me was ahead of me.
  "Do you know how old I am?" She said.
   Mr. X, I knew that age had to be careful with a lady. But Rosenda interrupted her thoughts.
  -I'm 85 years old, although it seems less, but I still have the energy and libido of my young years.
     I like to take it still and that they treat me like a little girl as if it were the first time, with care but with a little rudeness.
   The lawyer was excited by this last. Never had a woman of that age spoken to her like that.
   - Good. Do not talk anymore. We go to my house that today is a free day for my maid and nobody bothers us. Do you have a car? I say this because I see that you have drunk a few glasses of whiskey and it is not advisable to drive ... Better I drive in mine and then I bring you here again, when we are finished. Agree?
  The lawyer was surrounded by a storm of emotions and let himself be dragged by the Lady to the door of the Club.
  He usually did not let himself be bossed by a woman but this Lady had something special, something that attracted him sexually.
   The car was expensive brand. Rosenda led him to a house with a lush garden and good care. It was seen that she was a wealthy lady.
  -I tell you something before entering. I have been a widow three times and I have no offspring. I have not remarried because I will lose the pension of my deceased husbands who, incidentally, were not athletes in our bed.
   They entered a large room with a large, well-spread bed. The lawyer threw himself into bed to dissipate the effects of alcohol.
   Rosenda lay down next to him and expertly put her under the fly and took out the semi-erect penis of the lawyer and began a felatio in its full potential
  -Put the condom. Here are several on my bedside table.
  He undressed and in the semi-darkness of the bedroom said:
  -Golp me the buttocks and penetrate me carefully. I'm naturally wet, without lubricant.
  And Maulló, meowing with pleasure.
  - Get me hard. Get me hard. My bull of Lidia. Go, strong, strong. Ah. Yes. Ah. Yes..
   The lawyer was overheating and about to ejaculate but she restrained him by slowing down the movements.
   -Wait. Wait. Not so fast. Enjoy the moment.
  The lawyer obeyed but it was already in the preambles that you can not stop the emission of semen and said:
  - Oh, I'm done, I'm finished!
    Rosenda, seeing what was coming, shouted:
  - Come on my macho! Give it all the love!
   The two finished the act and both slept until the next day.
   When the Lawyer saw her up close and without the effluvia of alcohol and saw the wrinkled skin of the old woman who could not stand a surgical rejuvenation anymore, he told himself.
   -But what have I done?
  Rosenda woke up and realized the situation.
  - It was very nice last night. You behaved like a real macho.
   The lawyer did not know what to say. They exchanged telephone numbers. He dressed. She with a new dress after a bath, perfume, creams and lipstick.
  He took him to the door of the Club where his car was. They said goodbye with "I'll call you," Rosenda said.
   The lawyer thought that everything had been crazy but some mechanism of which the women know had been stirred up in him and Lady stayed in his mind.
     That same evening Rosenda called the lawyer and he ran or rather led as soon as possible to the house of the Lady.
    Some women, no matter how old, retain the glory of younger ages until their death. It is not true that old women lose libido with age but sublimate remembering loved ones who went to the afterlife or take refuge in a religion, this time with faith.
     Rosenda and the Lawyer continued to see each other and a relationship emerged that resembled or resembled love.
    The phone kept ringing with Rosenda's voice so he would never forget it. The lawyer did not bother him. I think he enjoyed it.
                                                     ORLANDO VICENTE ÁLVAREZ



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