Saturday, September 8, 2018



     First it was Hematuria-urine with blood-without pain. I went to the doctor urgently waiting for a fatal diagnosis. There was no pain of any kind or anything like that.
   The emergency ultrasound showed a low kidney stone in the size of a monstrous thing to whom I immediately grabbed sympathy as a child of my own who was developing my own body.
   Computed Axial Tomography showed that the calculus was of the coraliform type, that is, it grew like a coral. I always thought that the human race was an aquatic animal before finally moving to the earth. For that, the long hair served, so that the young would hold on while the mothers swam.
   It was beautiful, very photogenic in all the angles of the TAC as if it were an actress or small actor.
  Well, I made myself an Rx. simple and I went to the Urologist who suggested three alternatives: give me Extracorporeal Lithotripsy which would cause me a lot of pain when expelling the fragments.
As a second choiseI went to the hospital and under general anesthesia, They extracted it from a small wound to the kidney. 
     Or leave things like that while there was no Hematuria or pain.
    I opted for this last behavior. I had already grown fond of calculation and loved him.
  This is why in Cuba, while I was in my car on the outskirts of Guantánamo, I saw in a paddock many cows and horses grazing and when I got closer I saw that they were people eating grass, of the hunger they had. I also dedicated myself to eating the grass and with it the multiple pebbles that I later took home for my wife to boil with tomatoes. They were hard but in the absence of meat mitigated hunger.
  Several children were killed for entering state farms and stealing guavas, bananas and other fruits that belonged to the PCC or were for export.
   When I die I will tell  in my will that they throw me to Mansa Beach in Punta Del Este. So the coralliform calculus leaves my body and becomes a killer and monstrous that devours bathers - who are Argentines please - without leaving any traces. Attention to the librettists of series and films, there goes a good argument to them.

   Meanwhile, I continue with my little pig behind me, leaning like an old man to see how the urine comes out.

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