Friday, September 28, 2018



     It was a Sunday night. The young people had gathered in the central park, the only place where they could link a girl. All Clubs were closed. The Special Period intensified the shortcomings after the fall of the communist world of Europe and there was not even a beer to share.
  Suddenly a skinny black woman dressed unmistakably with luminous clothes only bought in Havana's shopping arose from among the people.
   The young woman went quietly with an effeminate boy accompanying her. I was in those moments in my car and I stopped because of curiosity.
   The whole crowd shouted:
   - Jinetera, Jinetera!
   And everyone verbally attacked the poor girl who did not flinch.
   Guajiros from the city of the interiorw We were. When in Havana they swarmed without shame hunting foreigners and it was normal.
   The girl walked down the street as if she were not with her, talking to the homosexual without any embarrassment.
  We were not yet used to seeing prostitution parading our streets. We were virgins of Capitalism. But Fidel Castro was commissioned in a speech to give them propaganda: - ARE HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL AND EDUCATED.
   European and Canadian tourists pounced on Cuba looking for easy sex.
   When the thing became uncontrollable, the Defense Committee of the Revolution organized acts of repudiation in front of the houses of the poor jineteras, making them angry. But they could not stop the phenomenon, the jineterismo generalized. They were the only girls who had shampoo, jabon, cosmetics and foreign clothes.
   The authorities gave up. A doctor woman dreamed of being a jinetera and not have to take care of patients and so. it was with everything: pimps, penguins, rent rooms so that tourists could have sex with the jineteras and much more ...
   We must criticize the central committee of the PCC. You had to see them gathered in front of the commander-in-chief with their hands under the tables. It was not easier. They passed from hand to hand the wads of dollars that they took to the illicit business but encouraged by the highest figures of Castroism.
    And so the jineterismo became international and the main attraction for the Galicians.


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