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I like the legend of Moses left in a basket in the waters. It is more imaginative. The boy's father was of Nordic origin and the Hebrew mother was brunette. It was born a beautiful child as are those of Scandinavia.

   In those times, Pharaoh ordered the slaughter of every son of the Hebrews in Egypt- I do not know why they had so much hatred for the Hebrews, especially if they were slaves at all times, it was because of their religion that they were monotheistic or because God  had made a promise to Abram, Isaac and Jacob that he would protect them from all evil.
  The truth is that his parents wanted to give luck a chance or that God, in his immense mercy, would somehow save the child. They stuffed him into a squashed basket and placed him near where the princess, Pharaoh's daughter, tooking her weekly bath - for me it was our old friend Nefertiti, foreign like the Hebrews.

  They say that the basket means the maternal womb or the lap and that the waters the amniotic fluid - according to the exegetes and the Hermeneutics or the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist according to others - but I prefer the holy scriptures: the Christian Bible, the Torah and even the Qur'an that describes this scene.

   The basket slid downstream between Hippos and crocodiles. An aunt of the baby, who was crying and screaming with hunger, remained about 100 meters away hidden among the reeds to see what was happening.The Egyptian princess who had a good heart but hated the Hebrews as she had been taught, sent her maidens to see what would happen.

   And behold, she saw a child white as milk and blue eyes and felt sorry for him.

  _But how we raised him in the palace. He needs a nurse to breastfeed him. -she said.

  The aunt came out of hiding and whispered that she knew a woman with abundant milk, Hebrew and could take care of the baby.

  The princess felt sorry for the baby and agreed and said solemnly:

  - I banned this child until he is a tarajalludo and can come to court. I pay her support-the princess was really good at releasing the money -And she let him go with the aunt and the real mother breastfed him and saved him from the snares of Pharaoh and his hosts until the child was old enough to go to the Grand palace.

  And there he was tought everything a prince has to know:  artistic drawing to write in hieroglyphics-animals and warriors and pharaohs in immense battle, arithmetic, grammar, good manners, conceptual art- comparing the three pyramids, with three smaller ones and a stool. Also all the literature that a future Pharaoh must know.

  Once been a teenager, Moses fell in love with a 13-year-old little princess called DIAZEPINA in the Egyptian language, which means "SOMNOLIENTA" in that language.

   A friend told him to practice "coitus interruptus" so he spilled his seed out of the girl's vagina like Onan did with Tamar.

   But an Egyptian priest of much wisdom taught him how to put on a bull-gut condom sacrificed in a full moon-thus the Gods gave the go-ahead for action-so that Moses would satisfy his amorous impulses that were irrepressible at that age.

  When he enthroned as crown prince - everyone else had died of diphtheria or in battles - Moses took the royal ship, which was a precious one - and filled it with beautiful slaves from everywhere. All young girls and used condoms provided by the royal priest.

  And he got tired, exhausted from so much sex and fermented barley until he fell unconscious at night.

  But the Lord had not forgotten him. He had him in his sights since his birth but he let him go to Egypt to prepare to be a patriarch with knowledge that only the Egyptians knew.

 Moses already felt the tingling of being a patriarch and of feeling sorry for the Hebrews as his real mother had taught him as a boy.

  When Moses turned 40, the Lord began to intervene. He had chosen him since his birth because He knew the future and it was as it is said in English "the one"

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