Friday, May 20, 2016



    As director of a clinic in Montevideo had to pass a course of a month in Buenos Aires. 

   Take the hidrodeslizant ship and sat comfortably in first class.When we approached Buenos Aires and it was daylight.         On the horizon towers of Puerto Madero buildings that gave the impression of being a first world city they were outlined.     The dock was modern and checking luggage was quick and efficient. At that time the Argentine peso was equivalent to the dollar. I Took a remise and told the driver that I strolled through the city before going to my final destination: the clinic of alternative medicine who led a doctor friend of mine.

   I was amazed the different squares with monuments colossi and the greenery of its gardens full of flowers, buildings like the Presidential Palace or the Casa Rosada and the portal almost baroque racecourse, the famous Obelisk and Calle Corrientes and 9 July. 

   The old Buenos Aires captivated me from the start.
   That night we wanted to go with my friend the doctor and went to a function tango. There was a young couple dancing in a small venue. Thes movements of the girl were pure magic and enchantment, shapely legs tangled with a man full of sensuality and mystery act defied her face challenging male dominance in the scene. I find that the name was Laura Legascue eximia dancer and plasticity in the dance she was legendary.

   I invited to our table and eventually presented alone even with the dress with a slit showing the entire leg. 

She said that the tango was called "Cirque" and she danced every night except Mondays. Congratulated her on her dance and beauty. I had never seen such a shapely body and legs so stylized in a ballerina. I used to see young mulatto girl in cabarets in Cuba. I asked her when she went to Montevideo and told me it was from there. So we'd see us again.
   In the following days at work imbued in the clinic did not have much chance to get out. As was the beginning of the austral autumn sun drummed during the day. I was amazed to see people on the boulevards having lunch in the sun as if out every day.

   Argentine women are beautiful, they are among the most beautiful in the world, all want to look Duvet with long hair dyed blonde but essentially fine. 

   I left Buenos Aires in love with the city but what I remember most was the young tango ballerina, her legs slicing the air and the eternal confrontation of a temperamental woman who does not bow to a man trying to subdue her.

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