Tuesday, May 17, 2016





    Waterfront  home there was a vacant lot where we played ball in our leisure time. The problem was when we had no ball to play but for those cases we had to “Mimi big piss”.    It was a girl about 13 years old that still wet the bed, his mother, an Indian woman who gave what my mother called "rages" that is, that sometimes started to scream and fight ranting in a way caged lioness heard throughout the block. The truth was that when Marylou that was the real name of the daughter peed in bed AT night. She was tied with a rope to the trunk of a coconut tree in the yard and the mother gave her a rage. 

   The girl screamed and screamed all night until neighboring Ada jumped the fence separating the two yards and carried home by pity. As a result of that punishment or disease Marilú had given her a facial paralysis and had contracted one side of the face as if she was laughing all the time. But it was good and helpful.
    We called her because she had a rusty old doll and all that. It had missing a eye, and part of the hair and it was rubber. We knock off the head and it served ball.

 Mimi big piss, as the game wore on, sat at us and placed on a stone with normal face against the neighboring wall so that it seemed she was always laughing and that encouraged us in the game have such an attentive amateur.

   When it was finished she took the head of the wrist, she checked to see new damage and laughing with one face went back  home.

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