Tuesday, May 17, 2016

COSTRUMBISM: A GUANTANAMERO IN PUNTA DEL ESTE. I keep walking and breathing the salty air. The sunset is stunning.

A Guantanamero in Punta del Este
  The summer is gone in the Southern Hemisphere. We are in the Uruguayan fall but it seems that is the Winter stepped forward. It was five days of constant rain. The wet sheets and clothing that will not dry on the clothesline. 

    The empty streets. Empty restaurants. It had gone the wave of Argentine tourists and Brazilians who came to spend the summer in hotels or on its imposing mansions gabled roof.    After being in Punta del Este free from that summer plague is a real pleasure to walk along its avenues by the sea.

     There are two beaches on either side of the peninsula: that of the Mansa, with its calm waters and the Brava with its stormy sea. Of the Mansa is for most people, the older ones, it's more peaceful. In the remaining stragglers Brava surfers who defy the icy waters with their waterproof suits. I prefer the glow of the crashing waves at sunset, make me feel younger. 

    Sheltered from weather conditions with a thick coat, scarf and gloves I ride the Bravanear the imposing buildings. There is building it is Donald Trump, a roundedand striking like everything he does.

   Who would say that a Guantanamero would feel like a Puntaesteño more? It's what I feel after so many years. My beloved tiny country is only a longed remember plunges into the mists like thisevening, and luxury yachts port, with the lights off, waiting to sail north, where it is still summer.  

   Meanwhile I walk alone along the promenade. My daughter wait for me at the end of the day. My brother went to Guantanamo. He will be enjoying the warm waters of the beaches of Cuba and a tasty roast pork.
   I keep walking and breathing the salty air. The sunset is stunning.


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