Tuesday, May 17, 2016

sex MEDICIN: A CASE OF PRIAPISM. involuntary erection penis


    In my professional life I have attended Urologist several cases of involuntary erection penis__ Priapism__ but the highlight occurred in the maritime city of Baracoa in the northern province of Guantanamo, Cuba.

    It was a January morning and I was called from the hospital because there was a case for the urologist. Took my car and went quickly because it was like a circus not only by the concurrence of voyeurs but the tent into the savannah over the erect member. It was a mulatto youn man who two days earlier had returned from the war in Angola and giving free rein to his repressed sexuality for two years. 

    The penis had been pointing to the sky and swelled increasingly by the influx of blood flowing into the the member and not leave so the phallus was huge.Take him to the operating room and drain by puncturing the glans stagnant blood, I emptied the contents penis and wash with heparin and send to the room.

   A few hours after the member was erect again. Nurses and hospital techniques congregated in the door to see the phenomenon. I had to get him back into the operating room and make a large incision in the glans and stop the blood accumulated muddy and wash with heparin. Suture the wound quickly and sent it to the room with his band member involved in a sphygmomanometerthe nurse should fill every fifteen minutes to empty. The young man was quiet, did not obfuscated the striking of the case and felt ashamed.

   The next morning the penis was the same but less swollen. Then began arriving relatives. Without shame or embarrassment they lifted the savannah and watched the erect phallus. With the greatest nonchalance world touched him and encouraged him saying:__ But this less m'ijo stopped yesterday. You're improving. And so they parading all, sisters, mother, cousins and friends. That visit became a show. Everyone wanted to see and praised him as naturally as the great phallus.I knew that these cases are powerless if they are long erection. Most occur in individuals who have sicklemics traits from birth.

   A few days gave high youth with priapism, and his member at rest. He was  cited for consultation in 21 days.When I saw him in consultation the bride came with him.__ And how is your sexual potency? __ I asked awaiting the complaint.__ Doctor it Will no problem. Fully recovered.__  So she said the bride__ No problems.

   I satisfied with the course of evolution, rare in these cases.

__Here I bring a bottle of rum to you  which take it as a souvenir.

__ No. You better drink it  because you are the exception to the rules__ I said smiling.

  He took the rum bottle, he opened it and gave sip brandy.__ This is my reborn to my pinga.
    And he came out of consultation happy as a child   

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