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THE PENNIS .MEN.urology ,man,urologists,conversation with ORLO


-year 2000
---- My Dinner with ARCO ORLO------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Urologists-------------------_ I have cut many dicks -pingas-with cancer, even of young men and were saved and live masculinity of memories._And they do with the organ?_We're sent to the clinic to save in chloroform, labeling and archiving, as well as the foreskins of circumcision or strangling penises by skin._For what?_In case any malpractice lawsuit makes ... A father once came, those who were never interested in his children and gave her a shot a nurse because he said he did not need take no guts or eggs ...A young man resists the operation and crack the cancer as a cauliflower, it is impregnated with fetid odor before dying.'_I told him, sometimes, it is better without a penis, but alive ... ................................ .................................................. ...........

__married / A unfaithful. Anywhere there is always a (million) informer (snitch) next "seguroso". They are more realistic that the king because they are vocational. Invent regulations or give retroactive decrees mentioned that nobody finds and leave no written or signed record. Officials are afraid of the naked king. They are the pages of the ghetto closed and paranoid society. Always on the lookout for any dangerous thought. They are greenish drool inside, suffering from internal hydrocephalus and diarrhea, although they live in good houses. As Montevideo is a tiny city sneaks one finds and knows by the smell of putrefaction that exceeds the Kenso. I went up to a group (say guaga, bus, hare) and a fashion mad attempt to seduce me with its Lorquian big eyes and when I knew he was the secretary of the secretary and lover of lover attorney-type, sneak, that I was applied the stranger and retroactive decree and I said: 'Even the salamander is in the fireplace? He, I said without emphasis, inglorious. The little seducer flew out the window like a ghost by neon tubes scaped .................... ..................................................
--- -Garrapata Prefer to Bucowsky (write well?) Or Reinaldo Arenas, Lezama Lima, Paradiso fascinates me I though, that baroque is a catchy amoeba intercourse that never ends, so tick as great constructivism Torres Garcia .......................................
4-One more imagined at dawn, I do not let me sleep, are at 7 a.m, I'll write it and I do not remember, I will return to torture me some night Whither, s ... it went?.............................................------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
THE UPSIDEWhen Orlo was 9, her friend Melania was 11, back in the beautiful Guantanamo, and as she said to me, had a pharmacist squeaky voice in the people-want to clarify before I come up, that not all who have squeaky voice they are how are you ... because in  the church is a litttle married man, who likes to gossip and have squeaky voice and not ... Gossip not considered, of course, ... excuse me I said.People called him very badly and rudely, invested.-Melania-Asked Orlo.-what is an inverted?_It A man with tits _everything she had to know she said.For a few years Orlo. wondered where that hid tits, tits if he had or not and what kind of serious tits.At that time they were not round and hard as it used today, but conical, soft teats and something falls, they were naturals.He was looking for: women doctors, writers and solo pianists ... that if, skinny, with respect and without much homophobia and fear of sacred wrath of advocates tolerance.When I was in seventh grade and rural used a very heavy machete to my skinny and cutting sugar cane with goals a body appeared a big man like a bear with breasts.That's not an inverted, Melania, these vacillating me, fucking.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THE PIANISTThe old pianist, at home fears, comes with a bouquet of flowers at the bottom and knocks on your front door and delivers it to the pianist ... I mean, the bouquet, obviously.Something worthy of Ricardo Arenas, I thought, when he spoke of the old and great Lezama Lima and his chorus of poets and poetasters.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

THEATER DIRECTORBernhart Wolf lives and directs theater in Berlin East and inherited the great tradition of BrechtIt has projects in action in Chiapas, in Santiago de Cuba and now a university in South Africa, although he lives with his new wife in Stockholm a little and a little in the city of Wenders and his skies with angels.We met in Montevideo, when he traveled with sweet and barefoot Maya, resident in Geneva. The amount here: "Where is the exit interview the Cuban Hector Quintero?" Values for Cultural Exchange and I made one of the ages of Hector and he acted as the reporter traveller.The Cuban-Uruguayan writer Orlando Vicente Alvarez as actor.He read my text "Basta" translated by Canstet Heinz, asked me another work, He fotorgrafied 72 images of my house and traveled to Tacuarembo to see if the energy was individual or collective. Said, it is collective.With Urich Schraeder, Uli, discard "Sperm sauce" and "Losers always" and translated "Gods of clay"A Bernhart and Mara did not like it.It's depressing, draculiana, and touches on themes of introspection and silence and paralyzed the German theater. Also it is not interactive. Lacks dialogue and growth.And it was true, he preferred the hope and I started to write Resurrection of Che and his visit to Congress.So I produced "Never say never" translated by B. himself.I investigate thoroughly, because it is a great researcher.I remember for example that Hobbes interested in the word until he found the owner of the word.He works with words but also with actions.I hand him over to Simone because the choreography is too dignified (cost over 50,000 dollars) from a large theater, he said, and not an underground theater or a university theater in Cape Town or popular in Chiapas or Cuba ...So fatigue and silence of Europe, reflected in his theater, and added, in all art, including visual neobarroco film and videos, not what I say, but one (and many more) EuropeanOr at least a brilliant European and Bernhart, who seduced by Moliere, runs Latin America and Africa.

Amilcar LegazkueMontevideo


As always in life ...
Aniceto had a prophetic crisis, but without charisma.
A verbal incontinence that constantly threatened with punishment of plagues and catastrophes, inside the old hospital Chinandenga and great erudition and coherence.
Injected with anti-inflammatory and snores placidly neuroleptics.
So, every week, the family bring him to emergency in order the threats become a peaceful tropical nap
It's a very male guajiro but was an amateur to the prostate massage and every week at firm waits his turn.
The proctologo shouts
That comes a nurse. This sick man got me rotten. Or he goes to Japan.
-------------------------------------------------- ------

Says the Caribbean:
_Look at this sky, no stars have and this water is not like my water sea. In my country the sky and water are so beautiful that you never forget.
Southern says:
_As my little country there is none.
And Peru, invited by the ambassador to dine with the President;
_This ceviche is very wrong. Not as in my country ....

Amilcar Legazcue 

ORLO TALKING WITH ARCO 2000 -Montevideo. Uruguay.

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