Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Every day when I got off the car after a tiring day at the clinic I saw a girl of about fifteen reading a book on the website of the pension front. She looked with her beautiful brown eyes as I approached the front door. Curious one day I asked if she liked to read.

__ Are you doctor? I say 'cause the white robe you’re wearing.

__ Yes. But tell me. What do you study?

__ I'm in high school. I want to be a nurse when I finish.

__ Do you find it easier to study in the portal?
I say this from the noise of passing trucks and buses.

__ I need quiet to read.__I said.

__ That would be ideal. But when my mother has customers in the room I go out and I take the time to study.

__Your mother is prostitute.

__ I affirm because it was obvious.

__ Sex worker she likes to be called. Some nights, especially Friday and Saturday up are so many men and I really do not know where to get involved. So I look for a light bulb to read.
  I did not know to add to his story. Be silent for a few seconds:

__ Your mother does not think about the future, when she get old. How does she keep?

__ She pays retirement insurance. Sex workers of Uruguay are grouped "The association of harlots" when the aches and pains have come a pension  which need to survive.

__ And your mother has many customers?

__ This varies. There are seven a day and there are days that just one.

__ And that enough to live comfortably?

__ Do not throw butter at the ceiling but we pulling.

  I did not know what more to say. I felt sorry for the young teenager, I said a muttered goodbye and cross the street to the warmth of home. I thought that some women have a hard time but this girl kept some childish naivete and took her mother's work naturally. Surely she would be a good nurse.




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