Monday, July 16, 2018

LANGUAGE CONFUSION CLUTTER OF THE TOWER OF BABEL We are going to pass the History of the Tower of Babel through an anthropological analysis.


       We are going to pass the History of the Tower of Babel through an anthropological analysis.
    After the flood to a king it occurred to him to build a tower so high that it reached heaven and challenge the Lord and place a sphinx of his profane God so that all the people would worship him. I think it was in Babylon that she it was the mother of all conflicts at that time.
    It was already a nation of so many people but they all spoke the same language. While the 90-meter tower was being built, the different guilds that made brick, those who prepared the mortar, those who put the pieces and those who built a spiral staircase around the tower, invented a syringe or jargon to communicate each guild between them and nobody else could understand it.
    The others followed the example and no one understood each other because of the custom and the years that passed in the construction of the Tower.
    A group of strong and bulky blondes invented a very strange slang. They called each other "The Russians" and croaked in their language like croach that nobody understood.
    Subsequently Cirilo -siglos later- organized the Slavonic language from this jargon. But in that context of the tower that slang was the one that put the lid on the handle and then it was the finish. It was the ugliest language that rang in the ear like thunder for a long time. Then the other guilds began to scatter because they did not hear that Slavic gibberish.
    The workers with their women were dispensed by the world with the language they had invented to communicate with their guilds. Thus different nations emerged with their own language.
   They could not stand the Russian
. To the point that in the Soviet era a dissident or suspected spy was being videotaped by Lenin and Russian songs for three days. The defendants disbanded the whole truth even though they knew that the Gulag was waiting for them or a shot. They preferred to die before continuing that torture.
    So by the influence of God the languages were confused but in a natural and orderly way.
    Only the translators benefited.


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