Wednesday, July 18, 2018



      Where Yaveh was very categorical was in the law: no man goes to bed with another man as if he were a woman.
   The latter was the first homophobic law that still rules in certain religions-it even costs hs life in the middle of a football stadium. The LTGB community is mobilized every year in the West in a colorful carnival. They even have their own flag that I think represents the colors of the rainbow and they are exhibited almost naked through the streets of New York and other capitals of the West.

    Homosexuality, according to the latest research, can come from the maternal uterus due to a hormonal imbalance - these have no remedy: it is congenital - and that acquired by a series of psycho-emotional factors of childhood. The truth is that the congenital sissy is detected from the cradle and the Hebrew mother had to wrap it in a cloth and take it to Greece or Rome where it was more tolerant with them. In Rome he was handed over to a Colleague to be educated and then used as a servant. That's if the Hebrew mother took pity on the child. If the neighbors discovered it, they had no compassion, whether congenital or acquired-for them there was no difference-and they threw it from a cliff so that the beasts would devour it he or she survived. But a homosexual who had acquired his pathology as he grew up could wrap himself in an overcoat with his head covered and go unnoticed or take the road to exile where he found work in a brothel or with a rich old man whom he was condemned to serve. After the rich owner died, he inherited part of his fortune for what there were many wealthy homosexuals, then they were respected and could die peacefully in their old age.

    When a poor and somewhat grubby homosexual is called SISSY or Fagot but if he is wealthy and has an expensive car, then he is called MISTER. Amd if he is reacher the Queen elisabeth II named him SIR. 

   Another issue related to the sexuality of the Hebrews was to have no relationship with an animal, the same for men as women. It was an abominable act before the Lord. I said "abominable not impure" so there was a certain tolerance for this sin. -Later on in Leviticus or in the Epistle of St. Paul the Romans are discriminated and sentenced to death.

    When three or four shepherds met with their flocks of sheep and goats there the orgy was formed, they did not let the stallion do his work. They had not seen women for weeks. It seems like a sin as old as man

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