Tuesday, June 26, 2018



   It was a huge Roman Amphitheater where all of humanity could be found, located throughout the Northern Hemisphere. And it was going to produce a great event: a very special game.
   The players were San Toribio, San Juan Bosco and San Jorge. The three had to throw penalties to the goalkeeper - there was only one court - to goalkeeper San Maradona. Whoever scored the most goals would become the Holy Official of World Soccer.
    Santa Fefa was the treasurer with thousands of suitcases full of Euros and Dollars. The referee: Angel Gabriel with his two wings could blow the whistle and display red or yellow cards. He had good eyesight and flew alone as an Angel does.
   The amphitheater was full and all countries with their different religions were present. The three Saints came out onto the lawn.
    First, San Juan Bosco scored a goal. The public raised a shout of joy that made God wake up from their morning nap. Then it was San Toribio's turn and he scored, the town raved, as did San Jorge. San Maradona could not cope with so many goals.
   In the end the three Saints were tied. The vacancy of the Saint of Soccer was vacant.
   Then the Devil intervened and shouted:
  -As I have a lot, a lot, money, I'm going to invest in these players.
    Santa Fefa made a nod of agreement. But a spokesman for the people - I think it was Chinese or Korean said:
  -That nothing Satan. This sport is the only religion in which we all understand each other. Do not demonize sport like everything you do: a shit.

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