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  DR Orlando Vicente Álvarez.

   Last year, when I was in Montevideo, I met an old girl friend.

   -You're still beautiful. How old are you?- I Asked.

   -I'm close to forty. They don't hire me anymore. I'm losing flexibility.

   - And a son, is it already when menopause arrives?

  - I don't want to have children.

   But how. She retained the beauty of early youth, fresh skin, long legs, curly hair down her back ...

  -You're still in time for a baby. Your body was prepared millions of years ago for the occasion. Only business executives womens feel fulfilled without a child and then adopt or remain alone in their old age, surrounded by brothers and nephews who only seek the inheritance.But you are poor now. You cann't freeze your eggs for later. Nor can you adopt.

  Nature or God Himself prepared the body of the woman to conceive. The maternal womb will miss a baby's body. The nipples of your breasts yearn for the tender lips of a creature. Your body will bend forward making a cave to cradle the baby and you, all of you, will receive the gift of happiness of having a baby. The oxytocin horm will work your whole body, your brain and you will be prepared to be a mother.

  I had a patient with Down syndrome. The parents told me that she was a blessing from God because of the love they gave her was the love they received. I carried her on my knees and she moved me and a tear rolled down my cheeks.

  God told Abram to offer his only son as a burnt offering but it was only to test his faith and He told him: your offspring will be like the stars of the sky or the sand of the beaches.Children are a blessing from God or from Evolution. 

  Even lesbian couples are inseminated by having one and even gays men claim a belly a substitute or adopt.

  A few days ago on the beach I saw in the sand playing poor family `laying soccer, even the mother played, and seemed so happy that the millionaire Argentines and Brazilians behind their litmus glasses looked at them with envy. They didn't want to have children so as not to deform their bodies.

  My dear bellerina friend listened to all my harangue and said nothing.

  It would be like a ballerina with a single foot turning around herselfself and giving little jumps without reaching anything.

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