Monday, February 6, 2017



   It is full summer in Punta del Este. The sun bites the skin and the sea is bluer. The atmosphere has changed. We are invaded by Argentinian and Brazilian tourists with their convertible Audi and Mercedes Benz. It is a delight to see them roam the streets at full speed.
    The Cacho's Post has opened for the season. The sight rejoices between so much greenness and the color of the fruits, some exotic for me.
   I go to the beach, to La Mansa which is more quiet and has a better view with the island of Gorriti and the cruises to the front. They have built a wooden walkway along the beach where tourists on foot can admire the view and stroll along the entire shore. I wear short , t-shirt and slippers and my digital photo camera.

   No one is bathing despite the prevailing heat. I go down to the shore and put my feet in the water. This frost! How can it be? It seems that Antarctica is closer than the tropics.

   There are umbrellas lined up everywhere where the richest classes sit down to sunbathe, especially in front of the Casino Conrad Hotel which has a hostel in front of the other side of the promenade, near the shore and two flags announcing the rum Havana Club to cool off with a Cuban daiquiri or mojito. This reminds me of my land.

   I see the water skis lined up near the shore ready to be rented. In the sea, at a short distance, I see two motorcycles competing in a mad and humid race towards eternity if they do not slow down.
   I stop to enjoy a mojito. They are not like those of Cuba, they lack the file as Hemingway liked in the Floridita of Habana. Anyway, ice and yerba Buena and sugar make the taste delicious. I take it by sips, so that it is eternal, so that it never ends.

   The sun burns the skin, I do not have time to travel all the beach until arriving at the port where lined luxury yachts and other more discreet. I take some photos to remember that hot afternoon on the beach in the middle of Punta del Este when I am older, if God permits.

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