Tuesday, January 10, 2017



    When I was a child my house was the largest on the block and the middle class was not very abundant.
    We had a television that Mom with her good heart opened the door so that the boys in the neighborhood - mostly barefoot - would enter to see The Adventures of 7:30.
   We had a telephone and every month a trouble was formed at the time of paying the bill because it was always a long distance that cost more money and nobody was responsible.
    Mom paid.But the major lesson was when it came to using the refrigerator. Several neighbors kept meat wrapped in a nylon in the freezer. This was great one, a wide and deep kelvinator.
    Nothing happened until one day a neighbor who was very poor and had several children took the meat of another who was very respectful and was called Sonia.
    When Sonia came to get her share of meat at lunchtime it was gone. The only explanation is that the neighbor who had several children had taken it and as the portion was large began to cook. I went to the poor house and explained problem and the poor neighbor became the one who had not noticed but in the pan fried Sonia's big steak. She had to remove the fragrant meat from the frying pan and I took it to Sonia who looked bad. 
   We interchanged the meats. At least Sonia had saved oil.
    When my father learned of the matter he forbaded the transfer to the cold, the use of the telephone to strangers and closed the door at the time of the Adventures which lost fun to the children who had to look standing by the blinds.The neighbors involved were no longer spoken. Mom almost did not leave the house and we contract a young girl with bed to take care of those necessities.
   Never again did the neighbors use the refrigerator or speak to my Mother who received a lesson: you can not be so silly with the neighbors.


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